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Gaithersburg Traffic Lawyer

If you have been accused of violating state traffic laws, you might expect to receive a ticket, but you could also face criminal charges. A traffic violation could result in increased insurance rates, points on your license, or suspension of your driving privileges. For more serious offenses, penalties may include expensive fines and jail time.

You have the right to defend yourself against any allegations of traffic violations. A skilled criminal defense attorney could help you build a strong defense and avoid harsh penalties. Call today to speak with a Gaithersburg traffic lawyer about your case.

Common Consequences of Minor Traffic Violations in Gaithersburg

Minor traffic offenses such as speeding, failing to use a turn signal, or failing to obey a traffic signal often result in a citation. No driver enjoys receiving a traffic ticket, but individuals typically have the option to pay a fine and move on with their lives.

Though paying a fine may seem like an easy option, it is important to understand the consequences of pleading guilty to a traffic violation. A single ticket can result in increased insurance rates or harsher penalties for subsequent offenses.

Additionally, motorists who plead guilty to traffic violations could receive points on their license. A driver who receives multiple points on their license within a specific timeframe may have their driving privileges suspended. Likewise, failing to pay traffic fines could also result in license suspension.

Any driver who is accused of a traffic violation is permitted to request a trial date to contest the ticket. A skilled lawyer in the area could work with individuals to determine the best course of action after receiving a traffic citation.

Types of Major Traffic Violations

Certain traffic violations may be considered a criminal offense. Major traffic violations that could lead to criminal charges include:

An experienced local traffic attorney could help accused parties understand the severity of their charges.

Penalties for Major Traffic Offenses

Those who are accused of serious traffic violations may face fines, jail time, or license suspension. Accruing multiple traffic violations can lead to more severe sanctions.

A first-time offense for driving with a suspended license can result in fines of up to $1,000 and up to one year of jail time. This conviction also adds 12 points to a driver’s license, which leads to a revocation of driving privileges.

Without a valid license, it may be difficult to pursue certain careers. In some instances, a revoked license could cause someone to lose their job. A skilled traffic lawyer could help an accused person avoid jail time or other harsh penalties.

Call a Gaithersburg Traffic Attorney Today

Whether you are facing a speeding ticket or charges of driving without insurance, you should consider retaining legal counsel. A Gaithersburg traffic lawyer could build a strong defense to help you avoid the repercussions of a conviction. Call our office today to consult with a legal professional about your case.