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Gaithersburg Failure to Appear Lawyer

If you fail to appear in court the consequences could be serious. A judge may issue a warrant for your arrest, and you could be convicted of a criminal offense.

A Gaithersburg failure to appear lawyer could help you overcome the adverse effects of missing your court date. Call us today to learn how a criminal defense attorney could fight your failure to appear charges.

Charges for Failing to Appear in Court

If an individual fails to appear in court when ordered, a judge may issue a bench warrant under the Maryland Code, Criminal Procedure § 5-212. If the missed court date is related to a traffic citation, a driver could also face a suspension of their license.

In addition to a bench warrant, individuals who miss a court date could face separate misdemeanor charges. The penalties associated with a conviction for failure to appear in court could result in a maximum 90-day jail sentence and up to a $500 fine. An experienced local attorney could help individuals understand the consequences of missing a court date.

Missing Jury Duty in Gaithersburg

Anyone who receives a jury summons is required to appear in court. Under Md. Code, Courts and Jud. Pro. Law § 8-504, judges may order individuals who fail to appear for jury duty to appear in court on another date. At that time the person must explain to the judge why they missed jury duty.

Failing to appear for jury duty also can result in criminal penalties. Potential sanctions include up to 60 days in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. Retaining a local failure to appear attorney may be crucial to avoid these severe penalties.

Failing to Appear for Natural Resources Citations

A Natural Resources citation differs from traffic citations or other summonses to appear in court. State law authorizes Natural Resources officers to provide promises to appear to individuals accused of committing misdemeanor crimes instead of immediately arresting them.

By signing a promise to appear, these persons are agreeing to appear in as directed, pay a bond, or pay a fine before the court date. If an individual fails to take any of the required actions within that time period, the court clerk will issue a notice.

This document states that the individual must respond within 15 days by paying a $100 failure to appear fine in addition to the original citation fine. Conversely, a person could post a bond and request a trial date.

If the individual does not respond to the notice from the clerk, the court will issue bench warrants for their arrest. The judge may not issue bench warrants under these circumstances unless more than 20 days have passed since the original trial date. A seasoned lawyer could advise those who have signed a promise to appear.

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If you have missed a court date, it may be wise to contact a defense attorney. Our firm could help you could avoid unexpected arrest and criminal charges. Call a Gaithersburg failure to appear lawyer today to discuss your case.