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Howard County Robbery Lawyer

Robbery, much like theft, involves the unauthorized taking or use of property belonging to another person. However, unlike theft, robbery involves the use of force to obtain property. For this reason, robbery is considered a serious charge that can result in years behind bars, astronomical legal fines, probation, and other legal penalties.

From a legal perspective, there are varying forms of robbery. For example, a person can face aggravated or armed robbery charges if they use a deadly weapon such as a gun or knife to obtain property belonging to someone else, and charges are automatically intensified if a victim is injured or killed during the robbery.

If you are currently facing robbery charges, a Howard County robbery lawyer may be able to help you get your charges reduced or dropped altogether. Reach out to an experienced attorney today.

Legal Elements of Robbery

The legal definition of robbery varies only slightly from state to state, and in Maryland, as in other states, several elements must be present to convict a person accused of robbery.

The concept of force is also open to interpretation, and in reality, a person does not have to be accused of using much force to commit a robbery. Verbal and written threats of force or intimidation can also be enough to get a person charged with robbery.

Defending Against Robbery Charges

Defending against robbery charges can seem impossible, but with help from a Howard County robbery lawyer, an accused person may be able to successfully defend themselves. Depending on the case, a lawyer may use various pieces of evidence such as fingerprints, witness testimony, and DNA evidence to prove a person is not guilty of robbery. If this is not possible, it may be able to lessen the severity of the charges by negotiating a plea deal.

As mentioned above, robbery charges are very serious, and a conviction in the State of Maryland is likely to result in jail time, especially if a weapon is involved. A skilled attorney can provide an accused individual with the guidance and knowledge base they need to make informed legal decisions. They can also act as an advocate and ensure the rights of an accused person are respected by the court and the prosecutor at all times.

Attempted Robbery and Carjacking

It is also important to note a person can be arrested for and convicted of robbery even if no actual property is taken from an alleged victim. If the legal system believes a person was attempting to deprive someone else of property, the person can be charged with attempted robbery, which can result in up to 15 years in prison.

Carjacking, another serious form of robbery, involves the use of force to take a vehicle from a person. This charge is treated somewhat differently than other types of robbery charges, and if a person is convicted, they can spend up to 30 years behind bars.

Reach Out to a Howard County Robbery Attorney Today

In summary, if you are facing robbery or attempted robbery charges, you cannot afford to not hire a skilled and experienced attorney. Such charges can result in serious and far-reaching consequences, especially for those who already have a criminal record.

Robbery charges are certainly intimidating, and it can be tempting to give up. However, you may be able to fight back and defend your reputation and freedom. Discuss your case with a Howard County robbery lawyer in your community today.