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Howard County Drug Lawyer

Being accused of a drug crime can be an intimidating process. You could potentially be facing a lengthy list of charges and possible penalties. If you are facing any type of drug charge, hiring a criminal attorney can help because you will have an experienced advocate analyzing the case against you, determining a proper defense, and arguing to have the charges reduced or even dismissed altogether. Call today to speak with a Howard County drug lawyer.

Drug Charges

Drug laws in Maryland are fairly simple, but the penalties associated with many of the crimes can be extensive.
Some examples of drug-related crimes include:

  • Possessing less than 10 grams of marijuana. This is a misdemeanor punishable by a civil violation with a fine of up to $100 (see Maryland Code Section 5-601(c)(2)(ii)).
  • Possessing more than 10 grams of marijuana. This is also a misdemeanor, but can be punishable by up to one year in prison and a $1,000 fine (see Section 5-601(c)(2)(i)).
  • Possessing of a controlled substance, other than marijuana, can bring with it a prison term of up to four years and a fine of $25,000 (see Section 5601(c)(1)).

The penalties become much harsher if you are accused of attempting to distribute drugs. For example, if you are accused of possession with the intent to distribute selected Schedule I or II Hallucinogenic Substances, such as PCP or LSD, you could be facing 20 years in prison and a hefty fine up to $20,000 (see Section 5-609).While these penalties can make you feel overwhelmed, a Howard County drug attorney can help. An attorney can also examine the individual factors of your situation and can help you fight the charges being brought against you.

Benefits of Hiring Legal Representation

Many people don’t realize that these penalties are not set in stone. A Howard County drug attorney may be able to help you reduce your penalties. More importantly, they may even be able to get the charges dropped entirely. Although Maryland has strict penalties for drug-related offenses, it also permits qualified people to apply for probation before judgment (PBJ). If you qualify for PBJ, then you are not guilty of a crime in the eyes of the law.

That can be a big deal when you are filling out a job application and have to answer whether you have ever been convicted of a crime. If you have a Howard County drug lawyer working for you, they would be able to help you apply for probation, if you qualify. Your Howard County drug attorney will also fight for your rights in the courtroom. The prosecutor is tasked with proving each offense against you. In some cases, your lawyer can try and fight to put each accusation in doubt. Often times, simply introducing sufficient doubt can be enough to make a big difference in the courtroom.

Work With a Howard County Drug Attorney

Because there are many different types of drug offenses with harsh penalties, it is a good idea to call a Howard County drug lawyer if you have been accused of a drug-related crime. Call our firm today to speak with an attorney and get your free initial consultation.