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Common Maryland Gun Offenses

Down on the lower eastern shore of Maryland, there are a few hunting grounds. There are residents and non-residents who use this area to hunt. It is very common for large pieces of property to be rented out down here to hunt clubs or other groups that pay money to rent a big portion of forest or even pieces of farmland for purposes of hunting on it. So it is common on the lower eastern shore, at least, for there to be a lot of people, both residents, and visitors, who are there for the purpose of hunting. There are a few ways hunters can violate Maryland gun laws.

There are common Maryland gun offenses that occur when people are using or traveling with their firearms. It is important that gun owners understand and follow the local gun laws. If they are charged with violating the gun regulations, they should consider consulting an experienced gun lawyer.

Common Firearm Charges

There are a couple offenses that seem to end up being charged pretty frequently. Most people who legally own firearms are not the individuals who end up being charged with the common Maryland gun offenses. That is, usually, people that are charged with these types of offenses are individuals who are not supposed to possess firearms in the first place, and so a lot of times is the charges involve a person who is either carrying or transporting a handgun in their vehicle illegally.

Under the law in Maryland, a lot of people are prohibited from possessing a firearm because of their prior record and so, by the mere fact that they were convicted of something in the past, they are not allowed to have a firearm. Another offense that is charged pretty frequently is the use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence or a felony. Anytime that a violent crime is charged, an armed robbery or a burglary or anything like that, if it is also alleged that the defendant had a firearm at that time, then he or she also can be charged with the use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence.

Drug-Related Charges

There are also charges that are specifically drug-related. A person can be charged with the possession of firearms if there seems to be a direct correlation or nexus that can be established between the drug distribution or felonious possession of drugs and the use of the firearms in protecting the person while they are participating in the illegal possession or distribution of drugs.

Transporting Guns

Well, there are some specific laws that apply to handguns, so it is important to understand the difference between a handgun and another type of firearm. There are several common Maryland gun offenses that occur because the owner does not understand the legal differences between a handgun and another type of firearm. A handgun certainly includes a pistol or a revolver, but it also includes firearms that are capable of being concealed. Short-barreled shotguns and short-barreled rifles are defined as handguns, but handguns do not include shotguns or rifles with the typical length of a barrel.

If someone is transporting a shotgun or a rifle, that is not going to be defined as a handgun and therefore the transportation of those particular firearms involves other regulations. Anything that is defined as a handgun is regulated by very strict laws about how it can be transported and for what purpose. If someone legally possesses a handgun in Maryland, there are times when they are allowed to be transporting it, either on their person or in their vehicle.

Carrying Permits

Some examples of that are if they are transporting it from the place that they purchased it if they are transporting it to or from a repair shop and if they are transporting it between their place of business and their residence. However, when transporting under any of those circumstances, the handgun must be unloaded and it must be carried in either a case or a holster that is enclosed. It has to be in an enclosed case or a holster. Then there are several different ways or several different groups of people and other circumstances in which it is okay to wear or transport a handgun. Of course, there is a totally separate set of rules that apply to people who have been granted the authority to wear and carry their handgun. If they have applied for the appropriate permit, then they have a great deal more latitude as to how they carry it or transport it. An experienced local attorney understands how to create a defense strategy for common Maryland gun offenses.