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Voluntary Surrender of Firearms in Maryland

The voluntary surrender of firearms in Maryland allows people to turn in their guns to the authorities. Sometimes people surrender their firearms because they no longer wish to own them and would like to dispose of them a legal way. In order to avoid criminal charges, it is important to know how to properly voluntary surrender of firearms in Maryland. Therefore, you may want to consult with a seasoned and knowledgeable gun attorney. Let a lawyer give you legal advice on the legal process.

How to Voluntary Surrender Guns in Maryland

In Maryland, unlike other jurisdictions, there are no statutes that specifically allow for a voluntary surrender of firearms. Washington D.C., for instance, has the Safe Harbor Act that allows individuals to surrender firearms without fear of being charged. The State of Maryland does not have a similar statute. However, certain jurisdictions within Maryland will publicize that they are having a firearm surrender day. These types of days happen often in Prince George’s County and some of the other counties in the state. When voluntary surrender days are publicized by the law enforcement agency, people can surrender their firearms anonymously. Sometimes, the law enforcement will even have a gun buy-back day or give a gift card to the individual turning in their gun.

While the State of Maryland does not have a particular statute for allowing for a voluntary surrender, there are numerous times throughout the year in which a law enforcement will publicize that they are allowing for a firearm surrender with no negative consequences for the individual.

Why Someone Might Choose to Surrender a Firearm

There are many different reasons why someone may choose to voluntary surrender a firearm in Maryland. The most obvious reason is to avoid being prosecuted for a crime. Due to a particular conviction, an individual may no longer be able to legally possess a firearm. When someone is convicted of a felony, they may no longer be able to legally own a firearm.

It is important to know that nothing in Maryland would prevent the person from transferring ownership of the weapon as long as it is done pursuant to the statutes. However, it makes more sense for a person to surrender their firearm because they are prohibited from possessing one than to continue to have it and risk the potential to face a criminal charge.

The voluntary surrender of firearms in Maryland may be an option for someone who no longer wants to own a gun for safety reasons. Whatever the reason behind surrendering a gun, a seasoned attorney could help an individual dispose of the weapon in a legal manner.

Contacting an Experienced Gun Attorney in Maryland

Gun crimes are prosecuted very seriously in the State of Maryland. Someone who has been convicted of a felony could face several years in prison if they are caught possessing a firearm illegally. This is why it may be a good idea to consult with a lawyer about the voluntary surrender of firearms in Maryland. Call today to set up a consultation with a knowledgeable legal professional.