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Role of a Maryland Gun Lawyer at Trial

If you have been charged with a gun offense, consult a qualified gun lawyer. The role of a Maryland gun lawyer at trial is to advocate for you. A skilled gun lawyer could help you understand the charges that you face, and work to build a solid defense against those charges. Work with a capable attorney and know that you are in good hands.

Preparing the Defendant

The role of a Maryland gun lawyer at trial is to prepare the defendant for their case. One of the ways that an attorney prepares is by making sure that the individual is educated as to what the charges are. It is important to make sure that the defendant understands the different elements of those charges. It is important to speak with the person and figure out if there are some defenses to what has been charged. Sometimes preparing the someone might mean preparing them for a trial and making sure that they are familiar with the evidence.

Sometimes preparing someone involves discussing with them what is in their best interest, as far as a plea might be concerned. A lawyer should also ensure that whatever decision that the defendant makes, is a somewhat well-informed decision. Often times, individuals ultimately have the final say in different things. They have to make key decisions about whether or not to go trial, whether or not to have a jury, whether or not to have their attorney negotiate a plea, and all of those different things. There are very difficult decisions to make but a skilled attorney can help.

Refuting the Prosecution’s Evidence

Refuting the prosecution’s evidence is instrumental in building a case. A defense attorney may see that the state is presenting a series of facts and are asking a jury or a judge to make certain inferences. The role of a Maryland gun lawyer at trial is to show how inferences contrary to the prosecution’s, can be drawn. An attorney might put forth a persuasion kind of argument and is more about how to interpret what these different things mean. There may be instances where the attorney has to accept what the state is alleging but then can argue that there was some sort of constitutional violation, and as a result of that, the state should not be allowed to use their evidence. It could be a good idea to work with an expert if there is an issue that requires explanation to a jury. If the case involves an issue that a layperson typically would not understand, an expert may be what is necessary to refute the state’s evidence

Important Factors When Reviewing the Prosecution’s Case

The most important thing that should be done when reviewing the prosecution’s case is reviewing exactly what the defendant is charged with and understanding the elements of each one of those offenses, and then looking at the state’s evidence and basically attempting to apply it to the elements. It is very important to do that every single time because the state has the burden of proof. If the state cannot meet the burden then the case is done, it ends. For each offense, it is important to look at each one of the elements of that offense.

The defense attorney should also review the prosecution’s case and look to see whether there are any constitutional issues that actually apply. If they do, then the attorney needs to do that analysis. For example, if the prosecution’s evidence includes that there was a search of somebody’s house and the gun was found, then that would automatically trigger an analysis of the Fourth Amendment and the right to be free of any unreasonable searches and seizures. The attorney needs to make sure that they are totally up to date on the newest case law, including appellate case law defining those issues. The most important thing to understand is that it is the role of a Maryland gun lawyer at trial to be doing all of those things simultaneously. If an individual faces a gun offense, they should consult a knowledgeable gun lawyer that could represent them.