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Fake ID Charges on College Campuses

Due to the prevalence of alcohol on college campuses and the fact that both people over and under the legal drinking age are on campus socializing with each other, fake IDs are not an uncommon phenomenon. With that said, however, those caught using fake identification may face consequences such as fines and disciplinary action from their school. For this reason, it is important that if you are facing fake ID charges on a college campus, you consult with a student defense lawyer so they can minimize the harm of your charge and ensure that your rights are protected throughout the legal process.

Use of Fake IDs On College Campuses

Oftentimes, in order to gain access to places where older people are hanging out, younger college students may rely on fake IDs to get into these particular bars, nightclubs, or other events where people are going to be consuming alcohol. Whether these are actual IDs with their pictures on them or whether these are IDs that used to belong to somebody else and may have likeness to them, these kinds of charges are usually not particularly serious because they are so common. With that said, however, they may carry disciplinary action on university level as well as on the court system level if caught.

What If You Are Just In Possession of a Fake ID?

Being in possession of a fake id is considered a minor offense on a college campus; it not likely that the person would be expelled from school. They may be required to face participation in an alcohol education program or do community service hours. Most university campuses would not see this as a major violation on campus.

Penalties Associated With Fake Identification

Generally speaking, on a campus the consequences that one might face for a fake id could be anything from a brief suspension from the university to attending an alcohol education class or participating in some kind of community service. On a criminal level the charge carries a possibility of incarceration, possibility of a period of probation and possibility of some severe fines.

Does It Matter If The ID Is Confiscated On or Off Campus?

It does matter because if the fake ID is confiscated on campus, it might be a crime or a criminal act. The university police officials might decide to handle that issue internally by way of some kind of disciplinary proceeding on campus as opposed to taking that particular criminal charge to the authorities. Possession of a fake ID is a criminal act which carries a possibility of incarceration, but it is considered not serious enough that university officials might decide that they can handle it by way of some kind of community service or alcohol education on campus as opposed to jeopardizing the student’s future by having local authorities involved and criminally prosecuting them.

Let an Attorney Help With Fake ID Charges on a College Campus

On campus, an attorney can negotiate with the disciplinary board to figure out a punishment that might be more appropriate than suspending or expelling someone from campus, such as participating in an alcohol education program or doing some kind of community service hours to appease the powers on campus and make them aware of the fact that the person will not partake in this behavior again.

On a criminal level, an attorney can discuss the issue with the prosecutor and see, particularly based on an individual not having a criminal background as a juvenile or as an adult, if the case can be handled outside of the court and outside of the presence of the judge by way of some kind of diversion. This might include the same kinds of penalties that one might see on campus, such as community service and alcohol education programs or some other form of disciplining which does not involve criminal conviction on a record. Call today to learn more.