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Piracy Charges for Maryland Students

Piracy is the use or attempted use of a web service, or some other means, to gain access to licensed material without permission. Generally speaking, if a person is under investigation for piracy they will receive an email or some other documentation from the company that owns the material indicating that they have investigated the individual for such a violation, and have an intention of criminally prosecuting them unless certain steps are taken.

It is imperative for a student charged with piracy to contact a Maryland student defense lawyer. Without a strong defense, piracy charges could impact a person’s ability to get a scholarship, get employment, and any number of things that could impact their future prospects.

Consequences of Piracy Charges

Piracy is a crime in all 50 states and consequences could include the possibility of jail time, the possibility of probation, and the possibility of significant fines. People might think that piracy is harmless, but in fact, it is considered fraud. It is considered a violation of licensing agreements, and in recent years has become more and more the focus of many prosecutors’ offices and state courts.

Sometimes the investigating officer will report student piracy criminal investigations to university officials so they are aware of what is happening on their campus. Most universities do keep some records or a log of criminal activity that’s been reported on campus, as well as charges that students in their community are dealing with or facing.

University Policies

Students can be charged with piracy on campus. Most universities consider piracy a crime and most university handbooks will consider it a violation of their campus policies.
A student that is charged with piracy might have their investigation turned over to local authorities so that a criminal prosecution could be initiated. Students might also face disciplinary action on campus, and have privileges associated with internet use revoked.

Notifying the University

If a student needs to notify their university of pending piracy charges depends on the codes that the university has outlined. Some universities’ handbooks will inform students that they are required to report any and all criminal activity, even allegations that are brought against them off campus.

Other universities will say that they only want to hear about these things if the student is criminally prosecuted by the court system. Students should refer directly to the university policies to understand exactly what is required of them, and certainly contact an attorney for assistance in interpreting those policies.

Benefits of a Student Defense Attorney

Receiving a notice of piracy charges can be extremely stressful for students, especially those who depend on scholarships, or are in the midst of applying for post graduation jobs. A criminal charge is not something people usually want on their record, especially for students who are just starting the rest of their lives. A student defense lawyer can work with your university as well as the prosecutors to assist in making sure this won’t affect the rest of your life.