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DUI License Suspension in Maryland

A long-term life impact of a driving under the influence charge can be the loss of your license. This can be especially detrimental for anyone in need of transportation for business or familial reasons. License suspensions are often not permanent, however, it can be beneficial to know how to handle them when suffering the associated consequences.

If a person is found to be driving under the influence of alcohol, their license can be taken away at the time of their arrest. One of the questions an experienced drunk driving lawyer may challenge is the initial traffic stop. If someone is stopped for an invalid reason, an attorney can challenge the DUI license suspension in Maryland.

What to do Following a Driving Under the Influence Arrest

Following a DUI license suspension in Maryland, the accused will most likely be issued a temporary license which they are allowed to drive with for 45 days. However, they will be required to request an administrative hearing. The MVA will send a notice extending it if they cannot schedule it within the 45 day period.

There are other options to complete an interlock program. The interlock program entails the person having to blow into a system that is attached to their car in order to start and keep it running. This is installed on the car and considered a form of breathalyzer.

Protection for Driving Privileges

Being found not guilty for driving under the influence could enable someone to possibly get their license back. If the documentation provided by the MVA is not able to show grounds that prove DUI license suspension in Maryland, the administrative law judge cannot take action towards the individual’s driving privileges.

How Can Someone Get Their License Returned to Them?

To challenge a DUI license suspension in Maryland, the person will need to request an administrative hearing. They will send all of the documentation to the office of administrative hearing and to the motor vehicle department in Maryland. The MVA must prove that there are reasonable grounds to prove that the person was not driving under the influence.

Potential Long-Term Implications of License Suspension

Long-term accusations of DUI license suspension in Maryland could possibly impact the accused’s ability to get to and from work. License suspension can also impact the accused’s ability to get a license in another jurisdiction if they have moved and that situation has not yet been dealt with.

Having a suspended license could impact employment as well as being able to move from state to state. If this matter is not resolved, it may impact the person’s ability to get a license in another jurisdiction.

Speaking With a License Suspension Attorney

If you are interested in challenging license revocation or suspension, contact an experienced traffic attorney who can help you protect your rights. They can help you address the issues in your case by conducting their own investigation of evidence and witnesses from the scene of the stop. It can be beneficial to speak with an lawyer following your DUI offense.

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