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Understanding the License Suspension Process in Maryland

Understanding the license suspension process in Maryland can be helpful to someone facing revocation for traffic or legal violations. Driving with a suspended license in Maryland is a serious offense that could lead up to 12 months of incarceration, $1,000 in fines, and 12 points on their driving record. An experienced license suspension lawyer can help you defend your rights to drive.

Common Causes of License Suspension or Revocation

One of the common causes of suspension or revocation is losing a license from failing to appear in court during a scheduled court hearing. If someone misses their court date for a traffic matter, the court will notify the Department of Motor Vehicles and the person’s license will then be suspended. Failing to pay a court cost and overall point accumulation can also lead license suspension.
A license can be suspended if someone fails to pay fines such as court costs and traffic tickets. The Department of Motor Vehicle will notify them and the MVA will then send the person a notice saying that they have a certain amount of days to comply. If they do not comply, then they will give you an effective suspension date and the license is suspended.

Familial Causes of Suspension

Those who do not have a confident understanding the license suspension process in Maryland should be aware of non-traffic related issues that can impact their driving rights. Not paying child support or falling behind on their child support can give the MVA the right to suspend their license. If someone is behind on payments they have 60 days to pay it.

Challenging a License Suspension

To challenge a license suspension, the person must request an administrative hearing. To request an administrative hearing they may be required to pay $150. These hearings are usually scheduled about four to six weeks ahead. Once the hearing is requested, a notice will be mailed with the location and time. Once the hearing is complete, the office of administrative hearings will notify the person of those results.

Expectations for the License Suspension Process in Maryland

Driving with a suspended or revoked license are considered traffic charges with must-appear tickets. The accused should expect that if they go to court, they may have to deal with the MVA. What judges like to see in these situations is that some steps have been taken to try to rectify the reason for the license’s suspension.
If, for instance, they were not paying child support on time, they should set up a payment plan to address that. There must be a plan for personal improvement. It is important to do things that show the person cares and is trying to get their license back.

Importance of Hiring an Attorney

It is important to have a trusted attorney represent you because of their legal understanding the license suspension process in Maryland. An established lawyer can appropriately cross-examine an officer in court and present evidence they believe can benefit the outcome of your case. They may question why you were stopped and how it was handled when you were stopped. Raising these types of questions can influence the possibility of case dismissal.

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