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Montgomery County Domestic Violence Lawyer

Just about everyone can agree that strife within a personal relationship can be heartbreaking, aggravating and confusing, sometimes all at once. When difficulties of this nature become violent, the lives of the parties involved can grow incredibly complicated, and significant legal, professional and familial ramifications may follow.

In such circumstances, there are usually issues beneath the surface that are not sufficiently conveyed in a police report or 911 call, and it is important for anyone accused of domestic violence in Montgomery County to secure the help of an experienced criminal advocate.

If accusations have been lodged against you in the aftermath of a domestic dispute or altercation, a domestic violence lawyer will be able to assess the facts of your case and provide sound strategies to mitigate what could otherwise be extremely serious consequences.

Domestic Violence Charges in Montgomery County

Section 4-501 of Maryland’s Family Law statute has a relatively broad definition of domestic violence, encompassing a spectrum of events which may occur between household members or individuals within the same family. Included in this category are transgressions such as:

  •         Physical assault
  •         Attempted rape
  •         Actual rape
  •         False imprisonment or preventing freedom of movement
  •         Kidnapping
  •         Creation of fear of imminent harm in another
  •         Stalking
  •         Physicality producing serious bodily harm

Further, it should be noted that an accused party does not necessarily have to be the spouse of the accuser. The fact is that complaints of this type may be lodged by anyone who is a blood relation, cohabitating partner, related through marriage or adoption, a natural child, step-parent, a household member, or an adult without the necessary mental or physical ability to meet his or her own needs on a daily basis.

Immediate Impact of Domestic Violence Accusations

When an incident in the home escalates and you are ultimately accused of committing an act of domestic violence, the negative impact on your life can be almost immediate. Pursuant to Family Code Section 4-509, there are occasions in which law enforcement personnel have the ability to arrest individuals accused of domestic violence, even without first obtaining a warrant.

Arresting officers must reasonably believe that a battery occurred and that the accused is likely to cause further injury, engage in evidence tampering or evade arrest. In circumstances such as this, it is incumbent upon the accused to secure the assistance of an aggressive Montgomery County domestic violence lawyer committed to protecting their rights.

One who is accused of domestic violence may also be subjected to protective orders which require them to refrain from contacting or from being in the presence of the accuser or impacted minor children.

Protective orders may prohibit individuals from threatening the accuser, living in a shared home, taking possession of pets, maintaining custody of children and, they may also require the surrender of firearms suspected to have been involved in the incident. Before orders of this type can become final for a period of at least a year, accused individuals must be afforded the opportunity to be heard in court.

These are the times when an experienced local domestic violence attorney in the MoCo area can help mount a vigorous and appropriate defense designed to prevent what can be truly devastating personal outcomes.

Defending Against Domestic Violence Charges

Being found guilty of domestic violence crimes can bring especially onerous consequences, including monetary fines, not to mention terms of incarceration. In addition, criminal records of this type can hinder career advancement, harm child custody arrangements, ruin personal relationships and jeopardize professional licenses.

Therefore, it pays to obtain legal representation aimed at ensuring that all procedural requirements were followed in a given case and that the rights of the accused have been protected every step of the way.

Because there are always two sides to every story, a MoCo domestic violence lawyer will take the time to understand the facts leading up to the event in question and explore every possible line of defense.

Why Hire a Montgomery County Domestic Violence Lawyer

When it comes to domestic violence, even accusations that are ultimately determined to be unfounded can have a profoundly negative influence on your life. In order to safeguard your future and assert your rights to equal treatment under the law, you must leave nothing to chance.

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