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Montgomery County Roommate Violence Lawyer

Although an individual charged with roommate violence usually is not charged with domestic violence, an experienced Montgomery County roommate violence lawyer can assist an individual in the same criminal capacity. A professional Montgomery County roommate violence lawyer can identify any issues that might be associated with bias or motives to fabricate on the part of the plaintiff making the accusation. They can then conduct a thorough interview and investigation of the event to ensure that a complete picture is presented to the court and possibly have the charges dismissed or penalties reduced. Read on to learn more about how a skilled defense attorney could make a difference in your case today.

Can a Roommate Violence Accusation Lead to a Domestic Violence Charge?

Generally, roommate violence does not fall under the domestic violence category. Domestic violence is most often reserved for those who are in a familial relationship or a romantic relationship with each other. Even though a roommate might share the same domestic residence, they do not technically fall within the purview of the domestic violence division. That statute is reserved for families to make sure that their family structure and support base are protected and members are guarded against one another as necessary.

Assault vs. Domestic Violence

When violence is not characterized as domestic violence, it is considered as a standard criminal case of assault. Even the term domestic violence does not necessarily change the nature of the offense or the maximum penalties associated with it. A domestic violence case or a regular case involving violence such as assault could still be charged in the same way. The case is handled by a regular prosecutor instead of a prosecutor from the domestic violence unit. Reach out to a dedicated defense attorney to learn more.

What to Expect after a Roommate Violence Accusation

When someone is accused of domestic violence in Montgomery County, they can expect their charges to be vigorously prosecuted. There is a special unit in the Montgomery County State Attorney’s Office that is specifically assigned to domestic violence cases. The prosecutors receive specialized training in how to handle the cases, and they are meticulous about how they prepare these matters for criminal court. However, know that a determined Montgomery County roommate violence lawyer will be able to assist in fighting against these charges to help prove a defendant’s innocence.

Criminal Consequences of Roommate Violence

The immediate criminal consequences of roommate violence can include the possibility of a period of incarceration, a period of probation, court fines, community service, or anger management classes depending on the charges. Long-term consequences of roommate violence or any conviction can result in an individual having the stigma of a criminal record. The criminal record could keep the convicted individual from specific kinds of employment, educational opportunities, professional licenses, and housing in the future.

Working with a Montgomery County Roommate Violence Lawyer

It is highly recommended that you retain a dedicated Montgomery County roommate violence lawyer who has experience defending against these charges immediately after receiving an accusation. In this way, they can start the investigation as soon as possible to identify any issues that need to be addressed and put you in the best position for the presentation of your case. Do not hesitate to reach out to a qualified Montgomery County roommate violence lawyer today to schedule your initial consultation.