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Montgomery County Risk of Injury to a Minor Lawyer 

In order to best understand your options when facing risk of injury to a minor charges, it is highly recommended that you reach out to a Montgomery County risk of injury to a minor lawyer who can help craft an expert defense on your behalf. Contact a skilled defense attorney in Maryland today to begin your case.

What Constitutes Risk of Injury to a Minor

Risk of injury to a minor is any behavior that can potentially cause an injury to the minor such as assaultive behavior, disciplining them by way of spanking that is too severe, or putting them in a dangerous position where they are likely to be injured. The court and prosecutors consider these factors when determining the appropriate criminal charges. Other terms that might be used to describe risk of injury to minors are the potential for injury, the potential for harm, and neglectful behavior towards a minor.

Misdemeanor vs. Felony Classification

Usually, child abuse, child neglect, reckless endangerment, and assault in the second degree are the charges for this particular type of criminal allegation as risk of injury to a minor is not the actual charge. Those kinds of charges are typically heard by a judge or a jury depending on which courthouse the matter is brought to. When the matter is brought to the district court, it is heard by a judge. If it is taken to the circuit court, the jury is responsible for hearing the case. Reach out to a qualified defense lawyer to learn more.

Department of Children and Family Response

After an accusation, the Department of Children and Family almost immediately begins an investigation of the charges to first make sure they know everything about the safety and well-being of the child. They will then make determinations about whether that child should remain in custody with their parents and their current living environment, or should instead be moved to a more protective environment temporarily or permanently. A professional Montgomery County risk of injury to a minor lawyer can assist those in fear of losing their children through aggressive legal representation in court.

What to Expect After a Child Endangerment Arrest

After a child endangerment arrest in Montgomery County, the accused may have an opportunity to have their bond reviewed. They see a commissioner shortly after the charges against them are brought, and that commissioner makes determinations about any bond they are eligible for. If they are not able to establish a bond with the commissioner at the original hearing, a subsequent bond review hearing takes place, usually the following day at the district court. That individual sees a judge, the prosecutor, and the commissioner to make determinations about any conditions they have available to them.
The individual’s criminal court date is then put on the schedule. If they were to acquire help from a Montgomery County Risk of Injury to a Minor Lawyer, that attorney would ensure that all information the government plans to use regarding the case is properly presented and made available for preparation of their defense to the criminal charges.

Working with a Montgomery County Risk of Injury to a Minor Lawyer

It is important to speak to a Montgomery County risk of injury to a minor lawyer about these types of cases because the complexity associated with the defense argument depends on the charges that are brought. If help from an attorney is sought, they can then craft a direct response to the charges and conduct an investigation to try and refute the charges while putting them into context for the court. Do not hesitate to reach out to a dedicated Montgomery County risk of injury to a minor lawyer today for your initial consultation.