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Montgomery County Identity Theft Lawyer

Identity theft is the use of another’s identity for a benefit or gain without their consent. An individual may use another person’s identity to get their financial information. The person may also assume another person’s identity in order to avoid charges or other troubles associated with their own identity. The fraudulent use of another’s personal data constitutes identity theft.

If you are facing identity theft charges, you may want to seek the services of a well-trained fraud attorney. A Montgomery County Identity theft lawyer could advocate on your behalf.

Credit Card Fraud

One of the most common examples of identity theft is credit card fraud. An individual might use another person’s identity to gain access to their financial information. When someone does this, they may try to make purchases that were unauthorized. Someone convicted of credit card fraud could face imprisonment and expensive fines. Therefore, it is essential for someone who is facing credit card fraud charges to reach out to a Montgomery County identity theft lawyer.

Consequences of an Identity Theft Conviction

Immediate consequences of an identity theft conviction could include incarceration, a period of probation, and possible restitution when money is owed to a person harmed by an identity fraud case. Identity theft is a crime that questions the moral decision-making or trustworthiness of an individual. People who have been convicted of identity theft often experience long-term consequences, like the inability to apply for some professional licenses, jobs, and home loans. The ramifications could be endless and for that reason, crimes of moral turpitude like identity theft may have collateral consequences that go well beyond crimes considered more serious like violent criminal offenses.

Information Essential to an Identity Theft Investigation

When someone is charged with identity theft, they need to understand the basis for the investigation and possible charges. The defendant should provide a Montgomery County identity theft lawyer with any information that might be helpful to their defense. When a person does not know the kind of information their lawyer needs, the attorney could explain that to them.

One can begin to be prepared by gathering bank statements, account information, and eyewitness information such as telephone numbers and names so the attorney and the investigation team can get a jumpstart on the investigation as quickly as possible. The most solid defense in identity theft cases is when the attorney is on the offense. They make concerted efforts to understand everything the prosecution knows and more, to properly represent the defendant for identity-theft charges.

Deciding Whether to Take a Plea Deal or Not

An individual should never consider taking a plea deal until they talk to an attorney who has experience in this area of law. They need to have an attorney who knows whether the prosecutors have a strong case and whether a plea deal is in the defendant’s best interest. Before considering a plea deal, it is important to talk to an identity theft attorney in Montgomery County who has extensive experience in these types of cases in order to get an understanding of the best course of action.

How a Montgomery County Identity Theft Attorney Could Help

Identity theft is a complex criminal offense. An experienced Montgomery County identity theft lawyer could respond to these allegations by providing you with a viable defense. An accomplished attorney could work tirelessly in your defense. If you are facing identity theft charges, reach out to a knowledgeable lawyer today.