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Montgomery County Embezzlement Lawyer

Embezzlement is the use or acquisition of funds from an organization or individual without their permission, usually by way of fraud. One of the elements of embezzlement is the breach of trust between the individual in a position of trust and the owner of the property or funds. If you are facing embezzlement charges, reach out to a seasoned fraud attorney today. A Montgomery County embezzlement lawyer could advocate on your behalf and work tirelessly to build a defense for you.

Importance of Seeking the Services of a Lawyer

It is important to contact a Montgomery County embezzlement attorney as soon as one knows they are under investigation for embezzlement-related charges. These charges can be extremely complex to navigate. It is crucial that a person has a lawyer when responding to inquiries regarding embezzlement-related allegations and when making determinations about what the attorney should investigate with respect to building a proper defense.

The kinds of evidence an attorney needs to preserve, subpoena, or respond to regarding embezzlement allegations can be complicated and detailed. The records might be temporary unless they are preserved or a request is made by the defense attorney to preserve them. Having an attorney involved in the case as early as possible ensures that an individual’s rights are protected.

Consequences of an Embezzlement Conviction

Embezzlement convictions can have immediate consequences such as jail time, probation, and requirements for court fines and costs. The person may be required to pay restitution to the party who was the harmed individual of embezzlement.

One of the most frustrating long-term consequences a person may face is having a record for embezzlement because it is considered a crime involving moral turpitude. That means someone who has an embezzlement charge on their record might have difficulty obtaining employment, applying for loans, getting certain kinds of housing, and obtaining some professional licenses. An embezzlement charge is seen as a charge that goes to somebody’s moral character and whether they can be considered trustworthy. It is often a great hindrance to an individual’s achievement of life objectives or goals for the future.

Embezzlement Misconceptions

One of the most common misconceptions about embezzlement is that because it is a non-violent crime, it must not be that serious. In fact, fraud charges sometimes carry harsher penalties than violent crimes depending on the amount embezzled, the person’s criminal history, the circumstances of the embezzlement, and how seriously the court system and the prosecutor’s office interprets these factors. Therefore, it is essential for someone who is facing embezzlement charges to reach out to a Montgomery County embezzlement lawyer.

Evidence in an Embezzlement Case

Evidence necessary to compile an embezzlement case for defense purposes requires the Montgomery County embezzlement lawyer and the defendant to determine what happened and identify problems in the government’s case and the evidence they plan to admit. Embezzlement cases sometimes have an intricate sequence of evidence, information, and records that need to be certified. The prosecutor must have a proper foundation to introduce that evidence. In addition to identifying information that speaks to a defendant’s innocence, a defense attorney identifies issues that address the prosecutor’s inability to prove the charges because of the lack of evidence or the inadmissibility of the evidence.

Contacting a Montgomery County Embezzlement Attorney

Montgomery County is a unique county in Maryland because of its well-trained prosecutors. The prosecutor’s office has abundant financial resources to hire and train enough prosecutors so embezzlement cases get the attention they need to be properly investigated and presented to the court. Other counties in Maryland might have fewer resources and funding, and the prosecutors may be unable to put the pieces of an embezzlement case together. This is why it is imperative that someone facing charges to contact a Montgomery County embezzlement lawyer who is familiar with the court system, the judges, and the prosecutors to ensure that an appropriate defense can be made.