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Common Montgomery County Gun Charges

Anyone who owns a firearm in Montgomery County should know the associated laws and restrictions of their permit. For example, they must still go through certain protocol to purchase ammunition and the quantity could be restricted.

Gun owners can speak with qualified firearm attorneys in order to familiarize themselves with the applicable gun laws. An attorney can help you try avoiding common Montgomery County gun charges. 

Common Gun Offenses in Montgomery County

The most common Montgomery County gun charges typically include unlawfully transporting a handgun. Usually, that means someone has a handgun in their vehicle that is not in its proper place. It is not in a locked box in the trunk and is also not unloaded as required per the statute.
Sometimes, the person charged is a responsible gun owner but is being careless by not following the proper safety protocol by storing the gun in the trunk according to Maryland regulations. Other times, a gun offense is caused by a more serious issue such as someone unlawfully in possession of the gun itself. 

Understanding Monitored Changes in Firearm Offenses

One of the factors leading to recent and common Montgomery County gun charges is the glamorization of gun-related criminal offenses. Firearms are probably the most prevalent in the violent landscape of Montgomery County and any county in Maryland.

The main concern of law enforcement and the State’s Attorney’s Office is guns. Guns can have the most damaging impact of any kind of weapon on the street. The use, ownership, and possession of guns must be closely monitored.

What Factors Have Impacted Firearm Trends?

The decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana led to more drugs being available on the streets. This results in more guns being on the streets because of drug-related transactions being protected by a gun. More attention is given to gun-related offenses by news media, often affecting young people on a day-to-day basis on the street level.

Examples of Gun-Free Zones

A gun-free zone is a place where the average person cannot legally carry a firearm. Gun-free zones might include schools, parks where young people gather, courthouses, airports, or any place where there is a larger concern for public safety.

Defining the Possibility of Expungement or Record-Sealing

Expungement and record-sealing for common Montgomery County gun charges are based on how the judge determines that persons sentence. If the charges are dropped completely or the person is acquitted, expungement can happen almost immediately.
However, there are other dispositions the court has available such as probation before judgment. Sometimes, expungement and sealing of a record can only be determined after a judge imposes sentence.
Why Are Gun Charges Treated Seriously? 
Gun charges are treated seriously because of the concern for the safety of the person who has the gun and the safety of the community around them. Guns can harm one person or many people. A gun can get into the hands of a person who does not know how to properly operate it.
The mass shootings throughout the country bring serious attention to the issue of gun cases. For that reason, courts, prosecutors, and police officers take gun charges extremely seriously. They want to make sure that people understand and recognize that these charges are not taken lightly when presented in the court system.
Laws for Anyone Moving to Montgomery County

When someone moves to Montgomery County from out of state, and they own a gun, they need to make sure they are familiar with the gun laws of the State of Maryland. They must go through required processes for transferring registration out of the state they resided in.

Following the transfer process, the individual must follow all the rules and regulations as outlined by the State of Maryland to obtain an appropriate concealed carry permit within the state, if that is part of what they are seeking.

Benefit of Speaking with an Attorney

Common Montgomery County gun charges carry serious criminal penalties and fees, and the possibility of a period of incarceration. It is extremely difficult for someone to identify relevant defenses on their own. Contacting a lawyer can be beneficial because they have the legal knowledge to help you refute the allegations against you.