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Dangerous Weapon Possession by a Felon in Montgomery County

Individuals with a certain criminal history are often barred from being able to possess guns or other types of dangerous weapons. Criminal history could include prior crimes of violence, prior felonies on a person’s record, and prior drug-related offenses that could lead the prohibition of dangerous weapon possession by a felon in Montgomery County.

However, It is not impossible for those who have been convicted of a felony to possess firearms. There are certain cases that do not prohibit somebody from being able to possess a firearm. They may just have more rigorous background checks that they have to go through before they are approved for possession of a firearm. If an individual was convicted of a felony and wants to know more about whether they are allowed to possess a firearm or not, they should consult a knowledgeable gun lawyer that can answer their questions.

Penalties for Possession of a Prohibited Dangerous Weapon

The penalties for dangerous weapon possession by a felon in Montgomery County vary, depending on the kind of weapon involved. Individuals can expect penalties that range from a period of incarceration to fines and possible periods of probation.
Felony penalty enhancements could include an increase in the amount of jail time that somebody is facing and the possibility that they could face mandatory minimum sentences as well, depending on the type of charge and allegations that are being brought. A mandatory minimum sentence would be a five-year period of incarceration without the possibility of parole.

Conspiracy to violate Montgomery County weapon laws

There is no real conspiracy charge that’s associated with violating weapons law unless it is associated with the manufacture of weapons. In those circumstances, the offenses would generally be dealt with in federal court.

Consequences of Committing Assault With a Dangerous Weapon

Assault with a dangerous weapon is considered a felony assault, and that person could find themselves in a position of facing up to 25 years of active incarceration, as well as up to five years of probation if they are convicted.
There are also other charges related to the commission of a felony with a dangerous weapon that could be tacked onto the charge, which could potentially carry a mandatory minimum sentence of five years if someone is convicted.

Penalties for Unlawful Transportation of a Firearm By a Convicted Felon

The unlawful transport of a firearm carries the same penalties as it would for somebody who is not a convicted felon, which is the maximum of three years of incarceration.
However, if somebody is also in possession of that firearm and transporting it with a felony on their record that disqualifies them, they face additional charges for being in possession of that firearm with a disqualifying crime.

Penalties for Possessing a Firearm in the Commission of a Crime of Violence

Dangerous weapon possession by a felon in Montgomery County during the commission of a crime of violence could result in a mandatory minimum sentence of five years of incarceration.
Usually, one sees these kinds of charges with handguns that were used during the course of an assault that took place, perhaps, or similar weapons used to commit an assault of some kind.

Benefit of Working With a Montgomery County Gun Lawyer

Cases concerning dangerous weapon possession by a felon in Montgomery County carry very specific nuances with respect to the Constitution and to the types of evidence that the State needs to present in order to potentially prosecute the case. A matter concerning the possession of dangerous weapons by a felon is going to require a rigorous defense. That is why it is important to work with an attorney that has experience handling weapons charges. If an individual has been charged with possession of dangerous weapons and is also a convicted felon, they should consult a skilled lawyer that could help them build a defense.