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Plea Deals in Montgomery County Gun Cases

Gun laws are difficult to understand. Entering a trial, the accused will be expected to enter a plea of guilt or innocence. However, plea deals in Montgomery County gun cases may be applicable based on the facts of the case.

A capable firearm attorney can prepare a defense with respect to the charges and develop the most appropriate groundwork for a strong case.

How to Plead At an Arraignment

The two pleas associated with an arrest and arraignment for gun charges are the plea of guilty and the plea of not guilty.
At an arraignment, it is advised that a person enters a plea of not guilty, regardless of whether they believe the state might prove the charge against them. At such an early stage of the case, any evidence, witness testimony, or investigation has not taken place on the part of defense counsel.
The defense attorney will need to thoroughly review and investigate the case before they can advise a person on a final plea in the case. A plea could be changed down the line depending on how the investigation and discovery process proceed.

Considering Plea Deals for Firearm Cases

Some important things to consider before considering plea deals in Montgomery County gun cases are the type of sentence that might be imposed and whether the prosecutor could prove the case. Other factors are whether the evidence is sufficient to prove the charge and possible motions regarding the suppression of evidence by way of the Fourth Amendment.
Another issue is how evidence was collected and whether that was addressed or properly researched. The attorney determines whether all witnesses were interviewed and verifies that a thorough investigative process took place. After those actions are complete, a thorough defense attorney advises their client about the most appropriate course of action for a plea associated with a gun-related charge.

What Should the Accused Expect from a Gun Trial

All courts in Maryland apply the laws in the same way as they pertain to the actual written laws and the penalties associated with them, however, the practical application of the laws is different depending on which courthouse handles a person’s case.
A gun related case in Baltimore that is treated completely differently than the same case in Montgomery County. An attorney who practices in a wide range of counties throughout the state understands the temperament of the judges which can help the accused prepare for court.

Benefits of Having Counsel When Considering Plea Deals

Defense counsel understands the legal issues that come up during the case. A professional attorney has experience in Fourth Amendment law and evidence collection that can be considered an asset when determining plea deals in Montgomery County gun cases. A thorough understanding of the judge and prosecutor could benefit the accused’s potential case outcome.
The attorney should be aware of the likely punishment if the individual enters a plea of guilty versus not guilty and how receptive the judge might be to a motion for evidence suppression. Only an attorney with experience in that specific forum can properly advise a person on the best course of action.
Having an attorney with extensive knowledge of the particular issues in that jurisdiction is extremely helpful to the client. The experienced attorney is invaluable in helping the person make decisions about how to proceed with respect to their charges.