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Ocean City Roads And Traffic Enforcement

Ocean City, Maryland is located in Worcester County in Maryland. That is located on the eastern shore of Maryland. In relation to other major cities, Ocean City is located approximately 135 miles south and east of Baltimore, Maryland as well as Washington D.C.

Below is information roads and highways in Ocean City where traffic laws are most heavily enforced. For more information, consult with an Ocean City DUI lawyer.

Ocean City Highways and Major Roads

There are actually only three ways by roadway to access Ocean City. From the west, Ocean City is accessed by the Route 50 Highway which runs essentially east and west through Maryland. Route 50 then divides into two different access highways for people who are traveling to Ocean City and are staying in points from 60th St. and northward. They have the option of getting on to Route 90 which takes them a little bit more north over the bridges and onto Ocean City. Or an individual can continue traveling on Route 50 which will bring them into Ocean City at the southernmost point of Ocean City.
Ocean City can also be accessed from the north by Route 13. Route 13 runs north and south and comes through Delaware, so for people traveling to Ocean City from locations like New Jersey and New York, Route 13 is an option in order to access Ocean City.

Traffic Law Enforcement in Ocean City

Yes, traffic laws are heavily enforced in Ocean City.  Within the city limits Ocean City has its own law enforcement agency,  the Ocean City Police Department and the Ocean City Police Department is responsible for enforcing the traffic laws within the city limits of Ocean City. They are very aggressive in their enforcement of those traffic laws. Ocean City is a tourist destination and in the summer months the population of Ocean City explodes and the Ocean City Police Department hires multiple seasonal officers.
Outside of the Ocean City city limits, the traffic laws are enforced by the Maryland State Police and the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office. There is an entire section of Ocean City that is actually located in Worcester County, it’s referred to as West Ocean City, but this is also a very popular tourist destination. There are many bars and restaurants and shops located in West Ocean City and those traffic laws are enforced by state troopers and sheriff deputies.

Criminal Traffic Violations

There are traffic violations that carry jail time, that does not make them a violation of the criminal law, but it is a violation of the traffic code of Maryland. The consequences are similar to the consequences of violating a criminal statute because the possibility of jail time is the same for both of them.
For example, if someone is convicted of driving under the influence, they are violating the traffic laws of the state of Maryland, but there is a potential jail sentence that a judge could impose. This is also true for driving on a suspended license or driving on a revoked license or driving without a license. All of those statutes are located within the traffic article, but they all carry a potential jail sentence.

Ocean City DUI Enforcement