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Evidence in Ocean City Sex Crimes Investigations

If you are facing an investigation, a lawyer can help you understand your charges and the type of evidence sought in Ocean City sex crimes investigations. Navigating the legal process can be overwhelming, and the consequences of a conviction can be severe. Having an experienced lawyer by your side can make an enormous difference in the outcome. A lawyer can help you best prepare for a sex crimes investigation.

Decision to Investigate

Law enforcement usually makes the decision to investigate a possible crime. The accuser makes a complaint by calling 911 or they go to the police department to inform them about the alleged incident.

Other times, someone goes to the hospital to seek treatment and they may interact with a nurse or someone else at the hospital who encourages them to consider calling the police. Once the information has been relayed, whether or not to investigate the incident is up to the law enforcement officer.

Type of Evidence Sought

Physical or forensic evidence might be gathered by an examination of the party bringing the allegations. The evidence in a sex crimes investigation in Ocean City can also include information collected during controlled phone calls.

There may be forensic evidence that can establish the identity of the suspect, such as a DNA sample. Sometimes, the evidence is testimonial, and consists of a person stating what happened to them. This may be employed because there may not be any physical evidence or anything else that corroborates the person’s story.

Investigative Tools and Tactics

There is a wide range of investigatory tools that are available to the police. One of the tools is an examination of the complainant. Another tactic the police might decide to use is the controlled phone call with the consent of the accuser. They have them make a call to the suspect to try to get them to make statements or admit that the event took place.

There is also the possibility that a search and seizure warrant can be executed and the police might attempt to seize the computer or phone of the accused. In these types of cases, especially with acquaintance rape or acquaintance sex offenses, people sometimes take photographs. If the police find that on a phone, it becomes evidence that can be used against them.

Controlled Phone Calls

A police officer need not get the approval of both parties in order to record a phone conversation, if it is done for purposes of the investigation. Almost all of the sex offenses are on the list that allows police officers to make controlled calls.

The phone calls can very damaging because the suspect does not realize that the police are listening. As a result, the person may say something where they acknowledge that there was intercourse. This statement can then be used against them in court. But for their statement, there really is no other way to prove the intercourse took place.

How An Attorney Can Help

If you are facing charges, it is best to have an attorney who understands the process. An Ocean City sex crimes lawyer will be familiar with all applicable laws, and have extensive experiences defending these particular types of cases.

Knowing the evidence gathering process and the types of evidence sought in an Ocean City sex crimes investigation will allow them to build the strongest arguments and defense on behalf of their clients.

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