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Unlicensed Driving with a Suspended or Revoked License in Ocean City

Many people do not realize that being able to drive is a privilege and like other privileges, it can be taken away.  Drivers can protect their driving privileges by not getting tickets, DUIs, and other basic things that people tend to not do often until it is too late. It is not getting DUIs and not getting tickets, and if they do get tickets, paying the ticket rather than just not paying the ticket. However, if people do not pay off their tickets or withhold child support for extended periods of time, their licenses could be suspended. This can lead to even more complications if a person is charged with unlicensed driving with a suspended or revoked license in Ocean City. If an individual has been charged with unlicensed driving with a suspended license, they should speak with an adept traffic attorney. A capable lawyer could advocate for them.

Common Causes of Suspended Licenses

Situations that can lead to license suspension include not paying child support, not paying off a previous citation, and not paying off or responding to tickets. A person fails to pay and as a result, their license is suspended. Fines are a one-time thing, so it is not like child support where one could lose their license after multiple failures to pay.

DUIs can also affect the status of a person’s license but the suspension process may work differently. If a person is convicted, the person gets the conviction. It is an automatic license suspension. If the person is given or can still have a temporary license, they probably can move on and seek to get it fixed. If they get convicted, they will lose their license. They can get their license back when the detention is over or they have to be interlocked. Once a person’s license is gone, it is gone. They must make a request to the Department of Motor Vehicles. It is not the court, it is a Department of Motor Vehicles issue.

Driving With a Suspended or Revoked License

If a person does not have a license, there is an offense issue. It is not like driving without insurance like the person needed to know they did not have it. They have to have intent. Unlicensed driving with a suspended or revoked license in Ocean City is a misdemeanor. If a person is charged with that offense, it is a must-appear ticket, so they have to go to court. This is not the kind of ticket where an individual can send their attorney in their place, they have to show up to court.

The state’s attorney for that jurisdiction will be prosecuting the case. Essentially, the defense attorney’s goal is to get the person to be back in an active state before they go to court. They should have their license back before they go to court. Most judges may consider it, but they still resort to the fact that they knew better and should not have been driving the car.

Consequences of Driving With a Suspended or Revoked License

Unlicensed driving with a suspended or revoked license in Ocean City have the same consequences. Driving while suspended is up to a $1,000 fine and up to one year in jail. Aggravating is having multiple offenses. With multiple offenses, it will continue to get worse for the person. Suspended and revoked would be a $1,000 fine and no more than one year in jail. If someone never had a license or having a license that expired is a $500 fine. If a person drove with one is nothing at all as long as the person proves that they had one that is valid. It will be dismissed.

Driving on a suspended license is no more than one year in jail. Since the person knows that they are not supposed to be driving and they drove anyway, the penalty is harsher. If someone does not have a license in their possession, it is not a big deal because they had a license and just forgot it somewhere. That is different. When someone gets to court, they need to show that they have a license and it will be dismissed.

Value of an Ocean City Traffic Attorney

If you face charges for unlicensed driving with a suspended or revoked license in Ocean City, a skilled traffic attorney could be a part of the solution. Your lawyer could possibly speak to the state’s attorney and negotiate on your behalf. is going to be able to negotiate with the state about what is happening. Having someone that has better insight as to how the process works is important. Let a skilled attorney fight for you.