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Ocean City Aggressive Driving Lawyer 

Aggressive driving refers to when a person commits three underlying traffic offenses at once. Possible traffic offenses include speeding, unsafe lane change, failure to signal at crossings, and things of that sort. It could be any three of those and it could always be more. If you have been charged with aggressive driving you should contact an Ocean City aggressive driving lawyer.  An experienced traffic lawyer could help you challenge this offense and could build a solid defense for you.

Aggressive Driving Scenarios

Aggressive driving is a common offense. It is an offense most people get when they drive in an unsafe manner. In addition to speeding, a person may be following too closely and maybe changing lanes unsafely. It is easy to get three offenses at once.

If a person is pulled over for a speeding ticket as well as an unsafe lane change and failing to yield, they have committed an aggressive driving offense. It is easy to get two to three charges if the person is not driving in a safe manner.

Level of Aggressive Driving Offenses

Aggressive driving is a misdemeanor offense, like other traffic offenses in Maryland. All traffic offenses in Maryland, unless someone gets to the ones like they kill somebody while driving, are considered misdemeanors. However, it is worth saying that if a person gets eight points on their license, it will be suspended. If the person gets a ticket, points can add up quickly. Points stay on a person’s driving record as active for two years and the person has to drive perfectly for two years.

Prosecution of Aggressive Driving Offenses

Aggressive driving is a payable offense, so no one actually prosecutes it. It is just the officer showing up. A person can contest an aggressive driving offense if they so choose. The only person that would be in response with anybody would be the officer and not so much the state’s attorney. However, working with a knowledgeable Ocean City aggressive driving lawyer might have a better outcome.

Expectations in Aggressive Driving Cases

Expectations in aggressive driving cases depend on a couple of different things. One is if the officer appears. If the officer appears, there are several different actions. The officer can decide to move forward with no evidence. The officer can decide to move forward and reduce it to one of these three enumerated charges. The officer could reduce it to one of the enumerated offenses. The officer could decide if they will be an asset to the process and not show up at all. An officer could offer no evidence.

With aggressive driving, the Ocean City aggressive driving lawyer and the defendant may not know what the three offenses were. The person caught needs to know what they are saying this person did, such as they got a parking ticket for aggressive driving and then the officer does not tell them what the three things are that they did. A lot of times, officers do not specify that, so the defendant is left wondering what they did wrong.

Challenging the OFfense

An Ocean City aggressive driving attorney would want to know if the officer was there and how their interaction with the defendant went. They would also need the officer to clearly lay out exactly what the three enumerated offenses were and what happened. Most of the time, officers do not remember. A lot of times the situation occurs, and the person does not remember what they did when they come to testify to one of those offenses. That is one way to challenge an aggressive driving charge. It is to make sure that the officer can clearly articulate what the three underlying offenses were that got the person the aggressive driving ticket.

How an Ocean City Aggressive Driving Lawyer Help

An Ocean City aggressive driving lawyer can understand and articulate what the three offenses. They know how to navigate the court system. An attorney could negotiate on the defendant’s behalf. No one wants points on their license and aggressive driving carries points. It is a hefty point amount. It is a five-point offense. At a five-point offense level, a person is required to do a mandatory driver improvement class from the Department of Motor Vehicles. A skilled traffic lawyer could fight to achieve a positive outcome for the driver.