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Kush Arora on the Day-to-Day Job: Typical Day for a Defense Attorney

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Maryland criminal defense attorney Kush Arora.

What is a typical day like for you?

Kush Arora: There is no such thing as a “typical day.” Mondays are always crazy, because we get a tremendous amount of traffic that’s coming in from the weekends. People have been arrested for things they might have done on their days off, when they made decisions in a social setting and might have inadvertently lost control. DUI charges and other alcohol motivated criminal acts are usually pretty typical of the kinds of consultations I see after a weekend, especially during the holidays or in warmer summer months. In terms of a “typical day,” I can’t say that there really is one. There is a part of the day that is usually spent in a courtroom, either litigating motions, going to trial, or in some kind of a status conference. A great deal of time is also spent meeting with clients and researching legal issues. This kind of job is filled with surprises. There are charges that come up repeatedly, but there is almost never a case that’s exactly the same as one that we had before. There’s a great deal of creativity that’s required in trying to come up with new arguments and identify new issues in particular situations. That makes every day a little bit different.

What are common types of criminal cases you defend?

Kush Arora: We do see a high volume of driving under the influence cases, as well as misdemeanor cases associated with possession of either marijuana or some other recreational drug. Part of the reason why we see those cases in higher volume is because they are the kinds of criminal charges that go past socioeconomic lines or educational barriers. There’s no stereotype of what kind of person might be charged with something like driving under the influence, for example. These kinds of charges affect almost every member of our community. Similarly, we see a high number of assault cases, issues associated with domestic violence, things that affect everyday people. Although more serious offenses like robberies, rapes, murders, and burglaries are something we deal with constantly, those types of charges are far less common to see than the misdemeanor offenses I mentioned earlier, particularly in Montgomery County.