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About Kush Arora’s Unique Approach

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Maryland criminal defense attorney Kush Arora.

What makes your approach to criminal cases unique?

Kush Arora: My approach to a criminal case is unique because I try to look at a case from the finishing point and work backwards from that. I like to see what our ultimate goal is before we even begin to look at a shred of evidence. Is the goal to get all of the charges dismissed? That’s pretty standard across the board. But, assuming that doesn’t happen, what are the goals of my client? Is my client dealing with a specific kind of security clearance that they need protected? Is my client’s driver’s license of particular importance to them and is that something that’s in jeopardy with the case? I like to look at what the end results are and work backwards from there, so I’m really able to assist my clients with what their personal needs are. Everybody’s needs, when they come to me with a particular case, aside from wanting to have their charges dismissed, are a little bit different. Depending on their profession, whether they’re a student or not, what their family situation is like, all kinds of things. That is a little bit of a different approach than some of my colleagues or other members of the community when they first look at the particular case or criminal charge.

Why do clients choose to work with you?

Kush Arora: Clients choose to work with me because they know that I’ve had a tremendous amount of experience in the Maryland court systems. When I started out as a public defender, one of the main reasons that I took the job was because it was going to give me an opportunity to be exposed to the court system every day. Having exposure to the court system every day, working with the same prosecutors and same judges on a regular basis, gives an attorney a great deal of insight into the procedures of a particular court system. The procedures of a particular court system are almost as important as the laws that are being litigated in that court system. Understanding and having an opportunity to work with these people day in and day out prepared me for being thorough in the way that I handle cases in court today. With that experience, I was able to have exposure to almost every area of the law from misdemeanor cases to felony cases, which gave me an opportunity to understand and learn on my feet at a very early stage. Now, there is very rarely a criminal issue that I’m faced with that I haven’t at least come across before and spent a great deal of time researching, understanding, and litigating, so at this stage of my career, nothing really comes as a surprise. I’ve had experience with almost every area of criminal law.