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Prince George’s County Appeals Lawyer

If you have been convicted of a crime, you have the right to file an appeal. An appeal is a request for your case to be re-heard by another court due to an error or misjudgement in the original trial. A Prince George’s County appeals lawyer could help you file the necessary paperwork for an appeal and represent your interests before higher courts. Contact a defense attorney today for help.

Appeals Process in PG County

A request for appeal needs to be filed within 30 days of the date someone is sentenced in their criminal case. Appeals are most common from the district court to the circuit court through a de novo appeal, where someone who is not satisfied with their district court disposition has a right to a new trial in circuit court starting over with a few minor exceptions with respect to sworn testimony.

In addition, there are appeals from circuit courts to higher courts, but those are not appealed to other trial courts. Those are requested for appeal if there are specific circumstances or an automatic appeal if the case goes to trial and somebody is convicted. Reviews of the procedures and the law as it was applied are conducted rather than granting somebody a new trial automatically as is done in the de novo process from district to circuit.

A person can appeal their case to the next higher court from district court to circuit court. It is the first level of appeal. Circuit court cases need to file a request for leave to appeal unless the case is in the trial and is automatically appealed. Appeals can go on for quite some time because cases may be appealed in the federal system to the Supreme Court.

Appeals cannot be denied unless they are from district to the circuit court. From circuit court onwards, appeals may be denied if a leave to appeal is filed and the court does not find a proper basis for the appeal to move forward.

What to Consider Before Filing an Appeal

One important thing to consider when contemplating an appeal is whether or not the situation could get worse. The courts are not bound by the sentence of the lower court and if convicted in an appeal level, one could potentially face enhanced penalties from judges.

A defendant and their lawyer should take into consideration all facets of the case, not just the facts and circumstances of the perceived judicial error, before making a decision about whether to appeal to the court.

Hiring a Prince George’s County Appeals Lawyer

If you believe that you were wrongfully convicted or that a judicial or legal error was made in your case, you may wish to file an appeal. A Prince George’s County appeals lawyer could help you bring a case before the circuit court and file the necessary briefs to garner a second examination. Reach out to an attorney today to get started.

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