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Prince George’s County Drug Lawyer

Drug possession and drug trafficking or sales can result in severe penalties for those individuals accused of committing these offenses. A Prince George’s County drug lawyer could evaluate your situation and determine if any defenses apply in your case.

Conducting illegal searches, failing to advise individuals of their rights, and other unlawful behaviors can result in evidence in your case being suppressed or thrown out by the court. Your dedicated criminal defense attorney may be able to assess your case for any illegally obtained evidence and work to develop a clear strategy to defend you against any type of drug charges.

Types of Drug Offenses in Prince George’s County

The penalties for drug offenses depend largely on the type and the amount of the drugs involved. While a small amount of any drug typically will result in a possession charge, larger amounts of drugs and drug paraphernalia can result in drug trafficking charges. Examples of supplies that would support a drug sales or trafficking charge include baggies, scales, and large amounts of cash.
The penalties for trafficking drugs, as opposed to those for possessing drugs, are quite different. Trafficking convictions often result in mandatory minimum sentences of incarceration, and in some cases, the sentence for trafficking can be twice as much as that for possession.

Marijuana Offenses

Marijuana continues to be illegal in the state unless individuals have a valid prescription for the drug for medicinal purposes. However, the state legislature has chosen to treat marijuana differently than other drugs by establishing separate offenses for it.

Under Md. Code, Crim. Law § 5-601.1, possession of 10 grams of marijuana or less is a civil violation that will result only in the payment of a fine. If individuals possess more than 10 grams of marijuana, however, they will face a misdemeanor charge that may result in a jail sentence of up to six months and a fine of up to $1,000. Individuals who commit offenses involving marijuana possession also may have to attend drug education courses, undergo a substance abuse assessment, and/or attend substance abuse treatment.

Controlled Substances Offenses

Controlled substances other than marijuana are classified in accordance with federal law. As the penalties for offenses involving controlled substances may be severe, individuals may wish to seek the advice of a PG County drug lawyer prior to attempting to handle their cases on their own.

Md. Code, Crim. Law § 5-601 provides that possessing or administering a controlled dangerous substance to another is unlawful. Furthermore, it is illegal to obtain, attempt to obtain, or procure or attempt to procure the administration of a controlled dangerous substance through any type of fraud, dishonesty, or misrepresentation.

Possession charges are all misdemeanor offenses. The length of the resulting sentence of incarceration for a drug possession conviction depends upon the criminal history of the accused individuals but could include up to two years of incarceration. A drug attorney in Prince George’s County may be able to provide legal advice to individuals who are facing any type of drug offenses.

Distributing Controlled Dangerous Substances

Pursuant to Md. Code, Crim. Law § 5-602, it is unlawful for individuals to distribute a controlled dangerous substance or possess it in a quantity that reasonably indicates an intent to distribute it.
Similarly, it is illegal for individuals to manufacture a controlled dangerous substance or manufacture, distribute, or possess the machine or equipment adapted to produce controlled dangerous substances, thus showing a reasonable intent to sell or distribute the produced substances under Md. Code, Crim. Law § 5-603.

Under Md. Code, Crim. Law § 5-607, individuals who violate drug distribution laws commit felony offenses that carry a maximum sentence of five years and a $15,000 fine. These penalties may increase, however, if the offenses involve Schedule I or Schedule II narcotic drugs or other aggravating factors exist, such as previous drug-related criminal convictions. This is why it is critical for defendants to obtain the services of an experienced defense attorney.

Talk to a Prince George’s County Drug Attorney

Consulting with a Prince George’s County drug lawyer at the very beginning of your case may enable you to more effectively defend yourself against any drug charges. Having an experienced defense attorney on your side throughout your criminal proceedings could be very advantageous to you.

Drug convictions can result in harsh consequences that can impact every aspect of your life. When you are facing serious drug charges, you should consider speaking to a Prince George’s County drug attorney right away.

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