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Prince George’s County Sex Crimes Lawyer

Devastating. No word in the English language better describes the impact of being charged with a sex crime. The consequences of being convicted include prison time, heavy fines, and registration as a sex offender. If you or a loved one has been charged with a sex crime, contact a Prince George’s sex crimes lawyer as soon as possible for a free initial case analysis. If you are looking for a local attorney to handle other kinds of criminal charges, visit this page.

Sex Crimes Prosecuted by the State of Maryland

The types of sex crimes prosecuted by the state of Maryland are extensive. One of the most serious of all sex crimes in Maryland is first degree rape. First degree rape is punishable by up to a life sentence with the possibility of parole if no weapon was used. However, if a person uses a weapon (of any type) in the commission of a rape, that individual faces the prospect of life in prison without any possibility of parole.

Second degree rape is charged if the perpetrator committed the rape without the use of force or the threat of force. It carries a potential penalty of up to 20 years in prison.

It is also worth remembering that if the victim in a case involving rape is a minor under a certain age in Prince George’s County, or elsewhere in Maryland, the penalties become even stiffer and include a mandatory minimum term of incarceration with no exceptions.

Lesser sex crimes in Maryland include sexual assault. A person can be charged with four different degrees of sexual assault, depending on the severity of the conduct alleged by the prosecution. If convicted of first degree sexual assault, an individual can be sentenced to life in prison. If convicted of fourth degree sexual assault, a person faces a possible sentence of up to three years in prison.

Maryland Federal Sex Crimes

In addition to certain types of sex crimes being violations of Maryland law, others violate federal statutes. One of the primary types of federal sex crimes that is prosecuted in the state of Maryland involves the Internet. In order for a federal court to have jurisdiction over a crime, the criminal activity must involve some sort of activity between more than one state. However, by its very nature, the Internet crosses state lines, and comes into play very often when discussing federal sex crimes.

As a skilled attorney could attest, child pornography is one of the more commonly prosecuted types of federal sex crimes in Prince George’s County. A person faces federal prosecution for child pornography if he or she possesses images of underage children on a computer she owns or has control over. In addition, using the Internet to distribute child pornography represents another type of frequently-prosecuted federal sex crime.

Sex Offender Registry

If convicted of any sex crime by a state court in Prince George’s County or in a Maryland federal court, a person is required to submit his or her name, address and other information to the Sex Offender Registry, a database available to members of the public. A person so convicted also must keep this information current or risk being charged with a new crime.

Prince George’s County Judicial System

Located in the midst of the Washington, D.C., and Baltimore metropolitan areas, PG County has a population of 871,233 as of the 2012 census. The county seat is Upper Marlboro, which is the location of the main courthouse for Prince George’s County, while the largest community in the jurisdiction is Bowie.

If you or a loved one faces a state charge of a sex crime of some sort, you will be prosecuted in the Prince George’s County courthouse. In the alternative, if you are charged with violating one of the federal sex crime statutes, your case will be brought in one of the Maryland federal courthouses, typically the one in the locale where the crime was alleged to have been committed or the one nearest to your residence.

Contact a Prince George’s County Sex Crimes Attorney

If you or a loved one has been charged with a sex crime in PG County, immediately seek the assistance of a trained, experienced Prince George’s sex crimes lawyer. A sex crime, with its potentially far-reaching consequences, should not be handled without the assistance of a qualified legal professional. A defense attorney with Kush Arora Attorney at Law understands the particularly devastating impact a sex crime charge has on a person’s life, and we will work diligently throughout the legal process to protect your rights and your reputation.

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