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Prince George’s County Second-Offense DUI Lawyer

Second-time DUI charges are going to be treated considerably more seriously than first-time DUI charges. Primarily, the reason is that second-offense DUI charges are not seen as isolated events. The court now takes on an enhanced responsibility for making sure that they are addressing the safety of the driver and the public when an individual is behind the wheel of a car.

If you were charged with a DUI for the second time, you should seek the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney. A Prince George’s County second-offense DUI lawyer has the skills needed to craft a defense and work towards a favorable resolution of your case. Call today to set up a consultation.

How Prosecutors Handle Second-Offense DUI Charges

Prosecutors take second-offense DUI charges very seriously compared to first-time DUIs. It is very unlikely that a person who is criminally prosecuted for a first offense is going to face a period of incarceration because courts recognize that people can make mistakes one time and learn from them. When a person ends up in court on a second occasion with a DUI offense, that is alarming for the judges and prosecutors. The assumption is that the individual did not learn from the first offense, and there is a larger concern that they may be a danger to themselves or to the community.

Second-offense DUI charges are prosecuted more vigorously in the penalties that are sought. In a second-offense DUI case, courts often look at the situation and see that treatment after the first DUI did not work. They now need to send a stronger message, which might actually involve a period of incarceration. Other penalties can include enhanced periods of probation, community service, and lengthy periods of supervision by the court.

How Does the Amount of Time Between DUIs Affect a Case?

The amount of time between DUIs is important. When somebody is facing a second-time DUI offense, it certainly raises questions for the court. If a short amount of time has elapsed between the first and the second incident, the court has concerns that the person did not learn from the first DUI or has not learned how to cope with the responsibility of driving as well as the responsibility of consuming alcohol. If someone receives a second DUI after 10 years or more, however, there may not be quite as much concern about whether a person has learned something because more time has elapsed.

Probation and Diversion Programs

Usually, second-offense DUIs are not going to get offers of probation from prosecutors, and there is never going to be a diversion option. For a second offense, prosecutors are going to be seeking a period of incarceration. It is really going to be up to a judge to determine whether incarceration is appropriate, depending on the circumstances of the case and how long it has been since the last incident occurred. A Prince George’s County second-offense DUI lawyer could negotiate on an individual’s behalf and attempt to mitigate the severity of then penalties that a person may face.

Consulting a Prince George’s County Second-Offense DUI Attorney

If you were charged with a second-offense DUI, your best option to avoid the most serious penalties is to speak with a skilled criminal defense attorney. A Prince George’s County second-offense DUI lawyer has experience negotiating with local prosecutors and appearing in local courts. They understand that your future is at stake, and they could fight to ensure your rights are protected at every step. Call today to schedule a case review.