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Prince George’s County Third-Offense DUI Lawyer

Judges and prosecutors treat third-offense DUI charges with the utmost seriousness. They are concerned that a person may actually have a serious problem, as opposed to being a social drinker who made a simple mistake. Because driving under the influence can be dangerous, third-time offenders may be viewed as threats to public safety who need to be kept off the road.

A Prince George’s County third-offense DUI lawyer understands the tremendous impact a conviction could have on your life. They could work on your behalf to resolve your case outside of court or fight for you in trial. Seek the services of a dedicated DUI attorney today to begin crafting a defense.

Third-Offense DUI Charges are Prosecuted Vigorously

Third-offense DUI charges are prosecuted more vigorously than first or second offenses because they give an indication to the court that somebody may have a very serious problem. First and second offenses take things into consideration like BAC level and how much time as passed between offenses. When somebody is charged with a third offense, there is a larger concern that the individual may have a serious problem, even if a lot of time has elapsed between the offenses. Under those circumstances, there are more alarm bells raised from the court’s perspective.

Third-Offense DUI Penalties

The penalties for a third-offense DUI are up to 12 months in jail, up to 12 driver’s license points, and a fine of up to $1,000. If the prosecution properly files what is called “notices of subsequent offender,” then the penalties can be increased significantly.

The time between DUIs matters in terms of sentencing because judges and prosecutors will take into consideration whether they want to seek subsequent offender penalties and whether somebody is eligible to be treated as a subsequent offender. If somebody has not had contact with the criminal justice system for 10 or 15 years, the prosecutors might seek to treat them as a first-time offender.

Driver’s License Penalties

After a third-offense Prince George’s County DUI charge, if somebody is prosecuted successfully, they are likely facing points on their driving record. This could result in a suspension or revocation of their driver’s license.

Diversion Programs and Probation

There are never going to be any diversion programs available in DUI cases in Montgomery County, but probation options are always available. Based on the facts and circumstances in a particular case, the prosecution may seek a full jail sentence, a jail sentence with some period suspended, or all probation. Often times, a prosecutor will ask for a mix of jail time and probation. This flexibility in sentencing could open up areas of negotiation for a qualified criminal attorney.

Preliminary Sanctions

Charges alone are not enough for somebody to receive a penalty like points on their driving record. However, The MVA could impose preliminary sanctions that are associated with the Breathalyzer test. For third or subsequent DUI offenders, those penalties could result in a loss of license. They may also face a review of their privileges to drive from the Medical Advisory Board. This is a unit of the Motor Vehicle Administration that consists of a team of doctors and other medical professionals who review whether a person has individualized substance abuse issues. They determine if the individual might be a risk to the community if they continue to drive on Maryland roadways.

Reaching Out to a Dedicated Prince George’s County Third-Offense DUI Attorney

If you were charged with a third-offense DUI, you could face heavy fines, jail time, and a license revocation. Thankfully, a Prince George’s County third-offense DUI lawyer has the skills and experience needed to craft a defense tailored to your case. They could work tirelessly to exploit every weakness in the prosecution’s case. Call today to schedule a free consultation and begin working towards a positive resolution of your case.