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Arrest Process in Rockville DUI Cases

As Rockville law enforcement officials grow increasingly vigilant about DUIs, individuals should be aware of the process of a DUI arrest and trial. While DUI arrests are usually very straightforward, there are some certain factors or events that can complicate the process. If you’ve been arrested and/or charged with a DUI, call and schedule a consultation with a Rockville DUI lawyer now to begin building your defense.

Step By Step Process of DUI Arrest

Although each DUI arrest has its own set of facts and circumstances, there are certain steps and actions that frequently occur in a particular order. Below, we briefly explain how a typical DUI arrest in Montgomery County tends to occur, step-by-step.

The Arrest

After you are pulled over by the police, an officer will ask you to put your hands behind your back. He or she will then put handcuffs on you, tell you that you are being placed under arrest, put you in a police car and take you to the closest police station.

Refusing a PBT

You can refuse to take a blood alcohol concentration level test in Rockville. There are no additional or enhanced penalties for refusing to take the test, however, the court may draw negative inferences if someone were to refuse to take the test. This means they can assume that the reason that you refused was because you knew you were sure to fail. Before making a decision to take or refuse a roadside breath test, it is often beneficial consult with an experienced DUI attorney (see below).

Transport to the Police Station

Following an arrest for a DUI in Rockville, individuals are taken to the police station nearest to where they are arrested. At the police station is usually where individuals are met by a breath operator who offers the breath test, and if the individuals accept, gives them a formal breath test.

When to Contact an Attorney

Typically you should ask for an attorney immediately after the investigation starts or when you are pulled over. Officers are not required to give you access to an attorney at that point, but you can ask periodically throughout the course of your screening, before you are arrested, as well as after you are arrested. If you do not have contact with an attorney during those times, then when you are released after a DUI stop you should contact an attorney immediately.

Bond Hearings and Case Length

You can get a lawyer for a Rockville bond hearing. That lawyer will represent you at the bond hearing which takes place at 1 PM at the Rockville District Court on a daily basis. Rockville DUI cases are heard in the Rockville District Court at 191 East Jefferson Street. DUI cases are typically bench trials.
Overall, the length of a Rockville DUI case can depend on the number of witnesses and officers interacting in the DUI case. For example, typically a one-witness trial can be resolved in an hour. On the other hand, trials that involve multiple witnesses can take several hours to several days to resolve.