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Rockville CDL DUI Lawyer

If you are a commercial driver’s license holder in the state of Maryland, having a Rockville CDL DUI lawyer helping you can make the process much easier. Additionally, while there are not significantly higher penalties or more serious ramifications for commercial driver’s licenses during DUI court proceedings, a person may be in a position where they could lose their commercial driver’s license from the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration after the court determines whether to convict. For this reason it is important a DUI attorney in Rockville is contacted as soon as possible.

How Cases Involving CDL Drivers Are Treated

DUI cases for commercial driver’s licenses are handled extremely seriously. A person who has a commercial driver’s license is subject to different standards than a person who does not have a commercial driver’s license, particularly at the Motor Vehicle Administration. At the Motor Vehicle Administration, somebody who has a .05 or above alcohol concentration level could face serious sanctions and loss of their commercial driver’s license (CDL). This would not be the case if they were driving on a standard driver’s license.
Since people who hold CDLs rely on their vehicles and their license for their livelihood, it is extremely important to contact a CDL DUI attorney in Rockville who has handled commercial driver’s license DUI cases to ensure that your rights are preserved.

Impact of DUI Charges on CDL Employees

Whether a DUI for a CDL driver results in a termination of employment depends completely on the employers. The employer will determine whether or not somebody is qualified to remain in their employment. They could decide to keep that person or they could decide to release them. It has nothing to do with your attorney or the court system.
The court itself is not going to impose any different consequences on a person just because they are holding a CDL. If a person is holding a CDL they are, however, faced with Motor Vehicle Administration sanctions. They could lose their CDL altogether, which will certainly impact their ability to take employment.

Higher Standards for CDL Drivers

They are not held to higher standards in court but they are held to higher standards by the Motor Vehicle Administration. The Motor Vehicle Administration has sanctions that hold them to a higher standard. Generally speaking there is no restricted license available to them.

How a Rockville CDL DUI Lawyer Can Help

Usually the most important thing about a CDL case is the alcohol concentration level and whether the person warrants a restriction on or revocation of their CDL license. A Rockville CDL DUI attorney can assist the defendant at the Motor Vehicle Administration hearing by challenging reasonable grounds for the vehicle stop as well as challenging the admissibility of the alcohol concentration test in a case against them.