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Salisbury Student DUI Charges

Students are expected to adhere to their university’s code of conduct.  Oftentimes this code of conduct will include obeying the laws of the State.  If it is determined that  a student violated the code of conduct, the university can place a student on probation, suspend the student or, worst case scenario, expel the student and not allow him or her to return to school. With this in mind, the following is what you should know about how DUI charges involving students are handled, and what a student charged with driving under the influence should be prepared for. To learn more call and schedule a consultation with a Salisbury underage DUI lawyer today.

How University’s Handle DUI Charges

Each university may have a slightly different policy, but in general, the university will notify the student and will advise the student if this was going to be handled in an informal manner or if there will be a hearing.  Typically a university will have  a policy that includes a hearing  where the student can be heard as to the allegations. If it is determined that the student violated the university’s code of conduct, then the next step will be determining the sanctions, which could include anything from probation to expulsion.

Hearing Process in Student DUI Cases

When there is some behavior that causes the university to take notice and perhaps remove the student from the school, there is a hearing process. That hearing process is very different from any sort of trial or hearing process that exists within the court system.

Within the court system, individuals have very clear and established rights, especially rights to due process. The person knows they have rights to have an attorney and to be notified of what is taking place.

These same rights to due process do not exist in disciplinary proceedings at universities. Each university can have a very different standard. What may cause  a student being suspended or placed on some sort of  probation at one university may not lead to the same sanction at another university.

What to Expect From the Hearing Process

The hearing processes vary so much; some are incredibly lacking in due process. There is not necessarily even the right to have an attorney.

In some instances, the attorney is allowed to be present but is not allowed to participate in the proceeding, which can be very frustrating for both the attorney and client.

How An Attorney Can Help

Even if an attorney is not allowed to be present at your university hearing, it is still important to retain legal counsel as an attorney can prepare you for what will happen and assist with the criminal hearing. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how a Salisbury DUI lawyer can help you.