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Trends in Salisbury Criminal Cases

In Salisbury, Maryland there are a number of emerging trends in the way prosecutors and law enforcement deal with those accused of committing criminal offenses. Below, a Salisbury criminal defense attorney discusses some of the most prevalent trends and how they are treated in the area. To discuss your case call and schedule a free consultation today.

Drug Cases

Salisbury prosecutors are cracking down on quality of life cases such as those involving drugs. Salisbury has a narcotics task force which are officers that are specifically devoted to investigating and making arrest for drug charges. Additionally, there is a prosecutor that works hand in hand with the narcotics task force. It is that prosecutor’s job to simply prosecute all of the drug cases that occur in Salisbury.

Child Abuse Cases

There are also prosecutors that are assigned to just child abuse cases. The Salisbury prosecutor’s office participates in the Child Advocacy Center. This is a multi-disciplinary center that contains law enforcement, social workers and prosecutors. They are specifically trained in interviewing children. It requires a great deal of training to be able to properly interview a child and not lead that child into making statements and to avoid leading that child into incriminating a person who may not have committed any crime at all.

Firearm Charges

The Salisbury prosecutors are also aggressively prosecuting firearms charges. The Salisbury prosecutor’s office participates in a program called Exile. Regardless of jurisdiction and regardless of the fact that a firearms case may actually be within the jurisdiction of the district court, the prosecutor’s office will file a criminal information and move all firearms cases up to the circuit court. The purpose of doing that is to secure convictions and to impose longer sentences and secure longer and more intensive periods of probation.

Gang Activity

Salisbury prosecutors are also aggressively targeting gang activity in Salisbury. Unfortunately, there is a pretty significant gang presence in Salisbury. And those gangs are responsible for drug use and drug distribution in the area.

Gangs will also target rival gangs. And those acts can be incredibly violent. There have been several homicide cases in Salisbury that are gang-related. And so, the prosecutors in Salisbury pay a great deal of attention to potential gang activity. The law enforcement in Salisbury work very hard to try and target individuals who may be in gangs and identify which gang they are affiliated with. A consequence of that may be a defendant being on an incredibly strict type of probation that requires that defendant to not associate with other people that are suspected of being in the same gang.

These are the types of cases that the Salisbury prosecutors are taking seriously. The Salisbury prosecutors have devoted prosecutors and resources to working with law enforcement and other agencies to try and combat these crimes.

Salisbury Judges

The Salisbury judges take those same types of crimes very seriously. There are types of offenses that in other areas of the state, a defendant might not receive an active jail sentence for. However if they have been charged with that same offense in Salisbury, there is a very good chance that they will go to jail, if not prison, for committing that offense in Salisbury.

One example of that is a handgun possession charge. In Salisbury, it is very common regardless of whether or not it is the person’s first offense for that person to serve a jail sentence for a possession of a firearm.

The judges take very seriously cases of child abuse as well as elder abuse. They take domestic violence cases very seriously. The prosecutor’s office also takes domestic violence cases very seriously. It is one of the most difficult cases to assist a client with.

In a situation of domestic violence, it may be that the spouse no longer wants to participate in the case. However, the state attorney’s office will absolutely still attempt to prosecute that case even if the alleged victim does not want to pursue it.

So, there are many cases, many types of cases that are prosecuted very aggressively in Salisbury. And there are cases that will absolutely land the defendant in jail in Salisbury.