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DUI Enforcement in Wicomico County

For those that live or work in or near Wicomico County, it is important to know how seriously DUI charges are enforced and treated. Below, a Wicomico County DUI lawyer discusses some of the various ways that DUI charges are enforced and what you should know about the prosecution. To learn more call and schedule a consultation today.

How Are DUI Laws Enforced in Wicomico County?

DUI laws in Wicomico County are enforced very seriously. In fact, Wicomico County has several different law enforcement agencies that regularly patrol both Route 50 and Route 13 to catch anyone that is breaking the laws of the road. Additionally, there is a Maryland State Police barrack location in Wicomico County where troopers are assigned and trained, and a bulk of their enforcement is enforcing the traffic laws on the highways and routinely patrolling for potential DUIs.

As a result of this attention, it is routine, especially in the evening or night time, to see Maryland State Police and other law enforcement agencies pulling vehicles over on both Route 50 and Route 13 to check and see if the driver is driving while under the influence.

DUI Checkpoints in Wicomico County

In addition to regular patrols, DUI checkpoints are regularly held in Wicomico County. Although they may not be frequent, they are held several times during the year usually on Route 50. They are held more seldomly on Route 13 as well.

Are DUIs An Area of Focus For Law Enforcement Officers in Wicomico?

Yes, DUIs are definitely a focus for law enforcement officers. There is no question that drunk drivers pose a threat to other drivers on the roadways.

No law enforcement agency wants to be the agency that has a higher number of DUI, DUI-related traffic offenses as compared to other law enforcement agencies. So, all law enforcement agencies have aggressive enforcement of the DUI laws.

How Are DUI Cases Prosecuted in Wicomico County?

DUI cases are prosecuted very aggressively by the Wicomico County State Attorney’s Office. This is partly due to the fact that every state attorney that handles dockets in the district court for Wicomico County is trained and specifically told to aggressively prosecute DUI cases.

So while in other counties you may be able to plead down a DUI charge to something less serious, in Wicomico County that will likely not happen.

Where Will Someone Be Taken If Arrested For a DUI In Wicomico County?

If someone is arrested in Wicomico County they will be taken to the headquarters of whichever law enforcement agencies arrested them. So if they are arrested by the city police department of Wicomico County, for example, then they would be transported to that town or city’s law enforcement headquarters for basic processing at which point they may be released to a sober driver.

If they were arrested by the Maryland State Police, however, then they would be transported to the state police barracks. If they were arrested by the sheriff’s department, then they would be transported to the sheriff’s office which happens to also be located beside the Public Safety Complex on Naylor Mill Road. So, where they will be taken upon arrest depends on which law enforcement agency arrested the driver.