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Disobeying Traffic Signals in Anne Arundel County

Disobeying traffic signals in Anne Arundel County can be costly. A person is required to stop for the appropriate amount of time to ensure the intersection is clear to cross. Consult with an Anne Arundel traffic lawyer today for legal reassurance and guidance.

Failure to Yield

A failure to yield occurs by performing a rolling stop. That is where the driver does not stop completely, thereby failing to appropriately acknowledge road signs that require a yielding for other traffic to merge.

Role of Right-of-Way

If the driver has the right-of–way, they do not have to yield to cross traffic and can simply proceed.  If a driver is supposed to yield, they will be considered at fault, which would have an impact on insurance.

Insurance Companies

Each insurance company is different. A person would have to discuss that with an insurance company.


Disobeying traffic signals in Anne Arundel County can be expensive. Not yielding is a payable offense. A person could simply pay the ticket and get the points on their driver’s license.

Driving Behavior as Failure-to-Yield

A person coming to a red light where they have a right turn and there is no sign that says “no turn on red” and instead of stopping for traffic that has the green light, they continue with a right turn.  Also, when a person who is getting onto the highway against a merge lane instead of yielding properly they just proceed to drive into the person that has the right of way. These rules are to prevent situations that can cause a collision.

Liability of Disobeying Traffic Signals in Anne Arundel

The liability for disobeying traffic signals in Anne Arundel County is not only that failure to obey causes an accident, which will then most likely have their insurance definitely involved to try to understand what actually happened, there is also a situation in which there are underlying citations for such. If an accident is caused, the person could get a ticket for failure to yield or failure to stop traffic signals.

Maryland as Contributory Negligence State

Maryland is a contributory negligence state which means that the court will look at how much one person contributed as well as how much the other person contributed. For example, if the person who was at the red light and they are going to turn and the person who is driving straight possibly had a chance to stop, the person who did not stop may be found 20 percent liable and the person who made the turn may be found 80 percent liable. Disobeying traffic signals in Anne Arundel County, and the elements that come with it can be confusing.

Hiring an Experienced and Local Attorney

Liability, driving behavior, what does and does not count as disobeying a traffic signal, and other factors can all be explained by a trusted attorney. Contact a traffic lawyer today for legal reassurance and guidance. You can avoid costly repercussions like fees. Attorneys have handled cases like these before, so they know what to look for.