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Levels of Anne Arundel Traffic Offenses

A traffic infraction is any violation of the traffic code. However, handling the varying levels of Anne Arundel traffic offenses without legal support can be extremely difficult and even detrimental.

As a lawyer knows, a person can ask for a trial and even after the trial they could try to appeal their result in circuit court. A professional traffic violation attorney can help you try protecting the penalties against you.

Treatment of Traffic Misdemeanors

All Maryland traffic offenses are misdemeanors. Minor traffic offenses and major traffic offenses are all misdemeanors, so that does not make any difference. Minor traffic offenses are non-incarcerable. A person cannot go to jail for those and they carry a maximum fine of $500. If the person gets to go home, they can either pay their fine or they can set a court date.

The first levels of Anne Arundel traffic offenses are heard at the district court in that jurisdiction. Anne Arundel has two: Glenburnie and Annapolis. Major traffic offenses are ones that cannot be prepaid. They are must-appear and can carry a sentence of two months in jail, or one year in jail, or $1,000 fine, or a $500 fine, or eight points, or 12 points.

Paying a Ticket vs. Going to Court

A payable ticket can be paid before a court date is scheduled. Points may be associated with that ticket and upon payment, those points will be assessed to the person’s license and they would have paid the fine for the incident.

Who Can Decide to Go to Trial?

If the person chooses, they can go to court, have their hearing, see if the officer shows up, and deal with it. If the officer does not show up, it gets dismissed.

If the person does not like that result at that level, the person can request a new trial, if possible, or they can appeal their matter to the circuit court in that jurisdiction. In this case, it would be the circuit court of Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Are There Jailable Levels of Anne Arundel Traffic Offenses?

For jailable offenses, tickets cannot be paid beforehand. The person has to appear in court or they will get a failure to appear and a warrant will be issued for their arrest. They would not be able to drive. Their license would be held, so they will have to appeal. If the person does not like the result of that, the person can also appeal to the circuit court for Anne Arundel County.

Benefit of an Attorney

The various levels of Anne Arundel traffic offenses can There are payable and jail offenses. The type of penalty depends on the details of the case. Therefore, speaking with an attorney about how to defend your rights could help the overall outcome of your trial.