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Baltimore Solicitation Lawyer

If you were accused of solicitation in Maryland, you might be unsure how to best defend yourself against these allegations. A Baltimore solicitation lawyer could review the charges against you and discover any weaknesses that may exist in the prosecution’s case against you. A dedicated criminal attorney could work relentlessly to mitigate your charges and fight for a positive resolution to your case.

How is Solicitation Defined in Maryland?

Maryland Code §11-301 outlines certain actions associated with selling and purchasing sex, including solicitation. Solicitation refers to persuading, counseling, seeking, encouraging, or ordering someone to provide sexual favors. The same statute defines the related offense of prostitution and assignation.

Prostitution involves any form of sexual activity for hire, while assignation involves arranging an appointment to engage in prostitution. When someone is accused of any sex crime, like solicitation or a related offense, they should get in touch with a Baltimore lawyer immediately to evaluate what defense strategies may be available.

Chargeable Offenses

Maryland law bars crimes related to solicitation and prostitution, such as human trafficking or operating a house of prostitution. Other chargeable offenses include:

  • Taking someone to a place used for prostitution
  • Forcing someone to conduct sexual favors
  • Knowingly assisting someone who is engaged in human trafficking
  • Knowingly enjoying any benefit, financial or otherwise, from human trafficking
  • Trading or selling a minor child
  • Convincing a minor under the age of 16 to leave their home for the purposes of prostitution or sheltering a minor who has been persuaded to engage in prostitution
  • Enjoying financial benefit from a prostitute with the intention to benefit from the offense or hiding the source of the funds earned by prostitution
  • Permitting a person to enter a building to engage in sex for hire

It is important to understand that someone accused of solicitation could also be subject to other related charges and their associated penalties. This is why aggressive legal action by a solicitation attorney in Baltimore is needed from the outset to increase a person’s chances of achieving a favorable outcome.

Penalties for Solicitation in Baltimore

If convicted of solicitation, operating a house of prostitution, or engaging in prostitution, a person could face penalties including a $500 fine and 12 months of confinement in prison. Enhanced legal punishments may apply for other related charges.

For example, a conviction for selling a minor may also be categorized as a misdemeanor, however, penalties may include a $10,000 fine and up to five years in jail. Human trafficking convictions are punishable by a maximum fine amount of $5,000 and 10 years of confinement.

When a person is convicted of kidnapping a minor under the age of 16 for sexual purposes, they could face up to $5,000 in fines and a prison term of up to 25 years. Furthermore, a conviction for certain crimes may require the individual to register as a sex offender, which could further impact the person’s ability to earn a living, rent an apartment, and maintain other fundamental rights.

Seek the Guidance of a Baltimore Solicitation Attorney

If you are facing solicitation allegations or accusations of a related offense, these severe charges should not be taken lightly. It is crucial to have seasoned legal defense on your side from day one to ensure your legal rights are protected at every phase of the criminal process. Call now to set up your confidential case consultation with a Baltimore solicitation lawyer.