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College Park False Title IX Accusation Lawyer

Any college student who is facing false accusations of misconduct under Title IX should seek legal representation immediately, given the complex system that investigates and adjudicates these complaints.

While the legislative intent behind Title IX is to prevent discrimination on the basis of sex, this occasionally may lead to the investigation of false allegations. A student who believes that they have been falsely accused of misconduct should retain the services of a College Park false Title IX accusation lawyer who could safeguard their legal rights while the investigation is pending.

Steps an Accused Student Should Take in the Initial Investigation Stage

Upon receiving a complaint of misconduct, educational institutions are obligated to begin an immediate investigation. If they do not comply, they could lose their federal funding. If a college conducts these investigations in a rushed manner, or  assign the cases to individuals who lack the proper training, procedural mistakes could occur.

A student who is facing a false misconduct accusation or pending investigation may be tempted to stay silent or to tell their version of events. They should instead seek legal representation by a local false Title IX accusation lawyer.

Representation can be necessary at this crucial stage since a lawyer could provide invaluable guidance and begin building a strong defense designed to combat any false accusations.

Retaining counsel during the investigation improves the likelihood of a favorable outcome for the accused student. An attorney could review any evidence that an accused student preserved, such as text messages and emails, and also identify and interview additional witnesses who may forget crucial details as time passes.

The School Disciplinary Hearing

The only rights to which a student is entitled at a school disciplinary hearing are those which are listed in the school-issued student handbook. Unlike at a criminal trial, during school hearings, the accused student is not entitled to:

  • A presumption of innocence
  • The right to face their accuser
  • The right to question their accuser
  • The right to see the evidence that the school plans to introduce against them

Moreover, the burden of proof that is applicable to school disciplinary hearings is much lower than at criminal trials. Title IX cases often abide by “preponderance of the evidence” instead of “beyond a reasonable doubt,” which means an allegation only has to be proven to be more likely true than not.

Accordingly, legal representation by a qualified attorney in the area could be necessary early-on in the process. A falsely accused student will essentially have to prove their innocence using evidence which they obtained independently of the school’s investigation.

Call a College Park False Title IX Accusation Lawyer Today

A falsely accused student should retain legal counsel as soon as they are made aware of the allegations against them. A skilled attorney could help you build a comprehensive defense and work to acquit you of your charges at a school disciplinary hearing. If you are facing Title IX charges, contact a College Park false Title IX accusation lawyer today.