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The Role of a Defense Attorney in College Park Title IX Proceedings   

If you have been arrested or are facing academic or disciplinary charges from a college or university, you should speak with a College Park Title IX defense attorney as soon as possible.

Colleges and universities commonly take disciplinary action against students through an internal adjudication system. It can be crucial for a defendant in a Title IX case to understand that these cases are handled differently than criminal investigations. Students facing these charges are sometimes not afforded due process protections.

Campus disciplinary actions can parallel criminal charges, making these situations severe for any college or university student. The role of a defense attorney in College Park Title IX proceedings is to provide competent legal counsel to effectively protect the student’s academic standing and their Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. Enlisting the help of a Title IX lawyer early in your case could make a significant difference in its outcome.

Disciplinary Hearings & Proceedings

Suspensions, expulsions, or any academic disciplinary charge can be harmful to a student’s chances at obtaining a good education, a job, or a promising future. Student disciplinary hearings can parallel a potential criminal investigation that eventually turns into a full-blown criminal case. These unique circumstances make Title IX matters difficult to navigate and may necessitate the assistance of an experienced local attorney.

Preparing the Student for the Investigation

A student who is facing disciplinary charges will require an immense amount of preparation to build a compelling defense. In certain situations, the student will need to ask questions during a hearing or proceeding. Statements made by students at Title IX disciplinary proceedings should be clear and precise, and the role of a College Park attorney in this situation would be to coach the student on these practices well in advance.

A College Park Student Defense Attorney Could Protect Your Rights

A local attorney could help accused students and their families throughout all disciplinary investigations, proceedings, and hearings that could result in criminal charges. An attorney’s role in cases such as these is to assist students with pending claims that were brought either by another student or by the university and demonstrate that the claim was not properly or thoroughly investigated. A lawyer could represent you at any school disciplinary hearing and court proceeding.

An experienced attorney could have a thorough understanding of the laws and procedures surrounding criminal and school-related disciplinary and criminal charges. They could thoroughly investigate all charges, explain the extent of the accused student’s rights, and guide them throughout the entire proceedings.

If you have been charged with a Title IX violation or are facing a disciplinary charge at your college or university, you should seek legal representation. The role of a defense attorney in College Park Title IX proceedings can be invaluable to the resolution of your case. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn more.