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Mistakes to Avoid during College Park Title IX Investigations and Hearings

Individuals facing Title IX violations and accusations often make the mistake of going through the investigation and hearing processes without first consulting a Title IX attorney. A lawyer could provide critical guidance about the long-term impacts of these hearing outcomes and help you navigate your way through the process.

If you are undergoing a College Park Title IX investigation, engage legal counsel as soon as possible. Having a qualified professional at your side could allow you to minimize the risks of making avoidable mistakes throughout the process.

Understanding a School’s College Park Title IX Procedures

Title IX oversees sexual misconduct and discrimination at the college level and covers offenses committed by students, such as sexual assault. Every university that receives federal aid must have certain processes and procedures in place in the event of a Title IX complaint. These rules may change depending on the university, so it is imperative to understand the school’s process. Universities must also make their procedures readily available, and students should become acquainted with their own school’s policies and procedures. Unfamiliarity with the regulations surrounding Title IX offenses could be detrimental to a student’s case.

Evidence in College Park Title IX Investigations

Title IX complaint investigations utilize the “preponderance of the evidence standard.” This means that the complainant needs to convince the hearing officer that their claim is more than 50% true in order for the school to rule in their favor.

The complainant does not need to present irrefutable evidence. Rather, the complainant just needs to provide enough evidence for the school to believe them. Because of this lower standard of proof, a student facing Title IX accusations must not make the mistake of failing to challenge the complainant’s case during the hearing process. A skilled attorney could come up with strategies to counter the complainant’s evidence.

Criminal and University Title IX Investigations

The complainant has the option to proceed with a criminal investigation, as well as an internal investigation through the school. Having both investigations occurring simultaneously can make the process more complex. The student facing Title IX accusations will have to deal with possible repercussions from the college or university, along with the possibility of criminal charges.

Thinking that one investigation may cancel out the other is a common mistake that accused students make during the College Park Title IX investigation and hearing process. It is important to note that the outcome of a school’s hearing does not have any effect on the outcome of a criminal investigation.

If the school adjudicates the accused student responsible for the allegations, the school is within its right to proceed with any punishment that it deems suitable. If the school finds that the accused student did not commit the alleged offense, that does not mean that a criminal investigation will deem the accused student innocent as well. A criminal court judge or jury could still find the accused student guilty. An attorney in the area could help mitigate the penalties if this occurs.

Contact a College Park Attorney about Mistakes to Avoid During Your Title IX Investigation

Title IX investigations and hearings are complicated proceedings that can have severe consequences. It is important that a College Park defendant remains aware of potential mistakes throughout their Title IX investigation and actively work to avoid them. Having an experienced lawyer at your side could make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Call to schedule a consultation today.