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Columbia Domestic Violence Lawyer

A Columbia, MD domestic violence lawyer can help you to fight criminal charges and will provide you with guidance on fighting a protective order so you are no longer kept away from your loved ones. Call a Columbia criminal lawyer for help as soon as an accusation has been made against you so you will have a knowledgeable legal advocate fighting for you.

Domestic violence is addressed in Maryland’s criminal code and Maryland’s family code. An accusation of domestic violence could lead to court-ordered prohibition from living in a family home and could make it difficult for you to see your loved ones, even if you have not yet been convicted of any crime. Conviction for an offense could result in imprisonment and could have life changing ramifications, so call our Columbia, MD domestic violence attorneys today. En Español.

How Can a Domestic Violence Lawyer Help?

An accusation of domestic violence can result in a charge of assault, stalking, false imprisonment, abuse of a child or vulnerable adult, or even rape or false imprisonment.  Your accuser could also seek a protective order and, if it is granted, violating this order could lead to a misdemeanor charge.

A Columbia, MD domestic violence lawyer will advise you and guide you as you attempt to deal with all of the legal ramifications that an accusation can raise. Your attorney can help you decide how to plead to all criminal charges, can deal with the prosecutor, and can try to put together a case so you will be found not guilty.

You have the right to due process both before a criminal conviction and before a protective order is issued that keeps you from your home and family. Let an attorney help you to take full advantage of the protections built into the legal system.

Domestic Violence Laws in Columbia

The Maryland criminal code does not define domestic violence as a separate criminal offense. Depending upon the specific actions a defendant is accused of taking, a defendant may be charged with one or more crimes against the person as defined in Title 3 of Maryland’s Criminal Law Code.

In 2014, state lawmakers strengthened the laws against domestic violence. Judges were given authority to impose enhanced penalties in cases where alleged domestic violence occurs in the presence of a minor in the home. Second-degree assault was also added to a list of criminal offenses that could result in the issuance of a permanent, final protective order. While lawmakers claimed the changes were necessary to protect victims, these shifts in established legal rules increase the potential risks for defendants when accusations are made.
Defendants need to be vigorous about representing their interests in criminal and family court.  Defendants accused of domestic violence can argue false allegations, insufficient evidence, self defense, or can raise many other defenses to try to make it difficult for a prosecutor to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they violated Maryland’s laws.

Call a Columbia, MD Domestic Violence Lawyer Today

A Columbia, MD domestic violence lawyer can provide you with guidance on responding to whatever charges prosecutors bring against you and whatever accusations are made by your family members.  Don’t try to handle accusations of domestic violence alone- get a legal advocate on your side to fight for your rights. Call today to learn more.