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Columbia Solicitation Lawyer

In Columbia Maryland, a charge of solicitation can be brought against you if police believe you offered anything of value to try to obtain sexual favors. It does not matter if any sexual contact ever takes place- the crime comes from offering money to encourage sexual acts. A Columbia, MD solicitation lawyer can provide assistance if you are accused of this criminal offense.  Call and schedule a consultation with a Columbia criminal defense lawyer today to learn more. En Español.

A Columbia, MD Solicitation Lawyer Can Represent Your Interests

When accused of solicitation, you likely want the case to go away as quickly and quietly as possible. You may be concerned about your reputation or about what will happen if you are convicted and left with a criminal record. The accusation alone can impact your life.

An experienced Columbia solicitation attorney understands the potential costs and long-term consequences that clients face when accused of soliciting sexual acts. Your attorney will work hard to try to get the case resolved in a timely manner, with the best outcome you could hope for under the circumstances.

The evidence against you, any past convictions, and many other factors will influence how to proceed with your case, so call a lawyer who is familiar with the laws in Howard County as soon as you can start making the most informed choices about responding to charges.

Solicitation Laws in Columbia, MD

Maryland Code Section 11-301 defines the offenses of both solicitation and prostitution.  The same code section also establishes the definition of related illegal behaviors such as assignation.
Under this section of Maryland’s criminal code, solicitation is defined as urging someone to engage in sex acts for money or other items of value. It is also considered illegal solicitation to request, or to command someone to engage in sexual acts for financial gain. Assignation, a related offense, is defined to include setting up an appointment or engagement for prostitution, or acting in furtherance of such a setup.

Solicitation and assignation are generally considered misdemeanor offenses under Code Section 11-306. If convicted of a first offense, the maximum penalty could include up to one year imprisonment and up to a $500 fine.

A defendant who is accused of solicitation could, however, face multiple counts of criminal charges.  For example, it is also illegal to allow a structure that you control to be used for prostitution or solicitation, or to let someone into a structure so sexual acts can be performed in exchange for money or other items of value.

Contact a Columbia, MD Solicitation Lawyer

A Columbia, MD solicitation lawyer can provide guidance on all possible defenses to a charge of solicitation, including arguing entrapment if you are enticed into soliciting a prostitute by the actions of a law enforcement officer. Your Columbia criminal defense attorney may also speak with a prosecutor on your behalf for purposes of negotiating a plea agreement and can provide information and advice on options for pre-trial diversion.

You should not face charges of solicitation alone, because these charges can affect your future. Contact an experienced Columbia, MD solicitation lawyer as soon as possible for assistance in putting together your legal strategy and responding to the charges brought against you.