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Columbia Drug Lawyer

In their attempts to keep drugs out of Columbia, Maryland, police sometimes make mistakes. They don’t always get the full story when raiding a home, stopping a car, or confiscating items that may or may not belong to a suspect. Getting that full story told to the court and opposing excessive or made-up accusations against you requires the service of a Columbia drug lawyer. Although you may think it will be fairly easy to explain that you were not using cocaine or heroin at a party, a prosecutor has plenty of ways to use evidence and testimony to present only the facts he wants the court to see.

Maryland’s Stance on Drugs

Like most states, Maryland takes a hard line on drug offenses. State police are constantly on high alert for drug activity for several reasons. Here are just a few:

  • Ocean ports like those at Annapolis and Baltimore are key points for smuggling drugs into the country.
  • Several popular colleges attract nightclub activity, which often involves the use and/or distribution of synthetic drugs like ecstasy and crystal meth.
  • Drug activity in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area spills into the surrounding Maryland towns.
  • As a small state, transporting drugs across state lines (a serious offense) is more common in Maryland than in many larger states.

Having a Columbia drug attorney by your side is the best way  to protect your future.

Common Drug Charges

Obviously, the nature and level of your charges will affect your defense options. Misdemeanor drug offenses include:

While the penalties for these crimes are relatively minor for the first offense, they can still cause the loss of your job, weeks or months in jail, and a conviction on your criminal record that will cause huge problems in the event of any later arrest.
Many drug offenses are treated as felonies. These include:

Conviction on felony drug charges is devastating to your future. Take your case seriously and talk with a Columbia, MD drug attorney right away to begin building a defense.

Fighting Your Drug Charges

As you tell your attorney your story, he will see the best course of action to take in order to win you the best result possible. In more cases than you might think, a Columbia drug attorney can prevent a drug accusation from even reaching the trial stage. A prosecutor is highly likely to drop the charges against you if your lawyer shows him evidence that:

  • There are photos, video, or other documentation that contradict the claims against you.
  • Police failed to follow procedure when placing you under arrest.
  • Paperwork for the claim against you was filed incorrectly.
  • Going up against your lawyer in court is simply not worth his time.

You will probably be surprised at just what kind of outcome is possible in your case, but you will never know until you get an attorney on your side. Whether someone planted drugs in your car in order to get you into trouble, or whether you are being treated as a drug dealer when you were simply using drugs yourself, we understand the importance of protecting your rights under Maryland law.

Speak With a Columbia Drug Attorney

It may be impossible for you to imagine your situation getting any worse, but it can—you can go to trial without a capable lawyer  standing between you and a prison sentence. When you choose to work with a Columbia drug lawyer at our firm, he or she will file paperwork, meet with the prosecutor, and do the footwork of gathering the evidence necessary to show what really happened. Even if the end result is a conviction, the story is not over. Sentencing is largely left to the judge’s discretion, and your attorney can argue for a lighter penalty that may allow you to keep your job and your future intact. Call today.