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Medical Attention Following a Frederick DUI 

If a person needs medical attention following a Frederick DUI, they can receive medical attention by letting the officer know that they are suffering from a medical issue and that they need to see a doctor or go to a hospital. Officers have the ability to take somebody to a hospital and do not want to suffer the consequences or liability of not doing so. Officers take that very seriously and if a person looks like they need medical attention, they will take it upon themselves to call for the person. If it is something that they cannot see and they can only verbalize, then it is important that the person tells an officer what they are feeling, why are they feeling that way, and to call for medical attention immediately on the person’s behalf.

If a Person Does Not Receive Medical Attention

Medical attention, whether it is related to a DUI or some other arrest, would impact their ability to do things like field sobriety tests, perhaps impact their ability to comprehend what an officer is saying to them, or even give consent to take a breathalyzer or blood sample. If a person needed medical attention following a Frederick DUI or is suffering from something and did not receive that medical attention, that can impact the way that their attorney pursues a criminal case in court.

How an Officer Determines if a Person Needs Attention

How an officer determines if a person needs medical attention after a Frederick DUI is based on their own training and experience. If a person is going through a medical issue, then officers will take it upon themselves to reach out for medical attention. Things like an injury that they might have suffered from is something that an officer might call out for medical attention for.

Using the Lack of Medical Attention as a Defense

If a person does not receive medical attention and those issues that they were suffering from could have impacted their ability to do what the officer was asking them to do in field sobriety tests, giving consent, or answering questions, then that would impact what is admissible or not admissible in a criminal courtroom and whether the arrest or processing was constitutionally valid.

Contacting Frederick DUI Lawyer

Anybody who is charged with a DUI-related offense, whether they received medical attention or not, needs to be in touch with a DUI lawyer as soon as possible. If they received medical attention, Frederick DUI lawyers will contact the medical service providers to get all the information related to the treatment that they received and potentially see how that treatment or the condition that they are receiving treatment for could assist that attorney in putting on a defense in a criminal court.

A person, for example, who was suffering from a seizure when officers approached them, would not be able to participate in or perform a field sobriety test if that meant that they were necessarily under the influence of alcohol. A medical provider that could outline exactly what the person was going through would put into context that information for the defense attorney, and a defense attorney can construct an accurate defense with that person.