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Pretrial Release and Bond for DUI Arrests in Frederick

A person facing drunk driving charges should understand the severity of these offenses and the potential penalties they may face if they are convicted. Before their trial, if a person is arrested, they may need to post bond. To discuss the various options available and the next steps an individual should take following an arrest, it is imperative that the individual seeks a local Frederick DUI attorney who understands the local pretrial release and bond for DUI arrests in Frederick.

Pretrial Release

Pretrial release is the release of a person from jail with the condition that they are to report to a liaison that the judge has appointed who will supervise them pending their trial date to show that they are working regularly and that they are remaining substance-free. They might have to do urinalysis screenings with the pretrial office to make sure that they are compliant with any conditions that the judge has laid out for them for being released from jail pending trial.

The implications of not complying with pretrial release could be a revocation of someone’s bond requiring them to return to jail pending their criminal court date.

Determining Bond

Bond is what is used to secure a person’s return to court. If a person is arrested, then they are released, they are released on some bond, which is essentially a promise or a guarantee to the court that the person will come back for all scheduled court appearances in the case.

The bond amount is determined by a lot of different factors including a person’s criminal history, the nature of the charge, and what their ties are to the community, whether they are employed, etc.

Paying for a Bond

Bond can be posted usually by way of cash or surety, which means people can post money or they can use other methods to post bonds such as property on bank accounts or other kinds of property such as vehicles. People could also use bail bondsmen to post bond, which is simply the way of asking a company to post a bond on their behalf, which means they would pay them a fee to guarantee the bond for them.

Bond can be very a complicated and daunting process so if a person is confused, they should always speak to an attorney before making a decision about pretrial release and bond for DUI arrests in Frederick. People should know that posting a bond is something that can be done 24 hours a day, seven days a week usually using cash directly as the fastest way to post the bond.

Benefits of a Lawyer

Immediately after being arrested, it is important that an attorney identifies any issues that exist, identify witnesses or evidence that needs to be requested, and request any hearings that are necessary on a case. Much of this is time-sensitive and waiting too long could cause the disappearance of witnesses, the waiver of certain kinds of hearings, and a delay in getting certain pieces of evidence, which might also disappear if not requested properly.

It is extremely important to reach out to an attorney immediately after being arrested to make sure that any issues associated with the case are dealt with properly and to put together the most comprehensive defense available.