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Howard County Driving While Impaired Lawyer

A Howard County driving while impaired lawyer offers legal advice and representation to defendants accused of operating a vehicle after consuming drugs or alcohol. Driving while impaired, or DWI, is one of two offenses in Maryland a defendant may be charged with for allegedly driving while under the influence. DWI is the less serious of the offenses, but still results in a black mark on a driving record, a license suspension, and possible imprisonment. Charges must be taken seriously, and calling an attorney with experience in Howard County DUI cases is a smart choice.

When Should You Call a Howard County DWI Lawyer

When you are accused of driving while impaired in Maryland, you may be arrested, booked into jail, and arraigned. You must enter a plea before the court. Whenever possible, you should contact a Howard County driving while impaired lawyer. You have the right to make a phone call when arrested, and the right to a lawyer – use your call to get in touch with an experienced attorney who can help you.

A lawyer who handles driving while impaired cases in Howard County can provide guidance on what plea option may be the right one. Your attorney can also file a pre-trial motion for dismissal of charges in appropriate circumstances. If you hope to go forward with a not guilty plea and argue against conviction, your lawyer should also begin the process of investigating the case against you as soon as possible.

It is the Howard County prosecutor’s job to prove your guilt in a driving while impaired case, and prosecutors must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The sooner you begin looking for ways to challenge the evidence, the more likely it is you will be able to find problems with the prosecutor’s case. A Howard County driving while impaired lawyer can get to work immediately as soon as you reach out for help. As the investigation proceeds, your attorney will also make sure that police respect your rights and that you get due process of the law.

DWI Charges in Howard County

In Howard County, DUI is the more serious of the two charges brought against defendants who are allegedly drunk or drugged behind the wheel. Both DUI and DWI are defined in Maryland Transportation Code Section 21-902.

Defendants are typically charged with DUI when they have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher, as a BAC at this level is considered DUI per se. The very fact of the high BAC is sufficient proof of being under the influence.

A defendant may be charged with driving while impaired, on the other hand, if there is evidence of impairment or intoxication but the driver’s BAC does not reach the .08 percent legal limit. The judgment of an officer plays a big role in determining whether a defendant will be charged with driving while impaired.

Conviction for driving while impaired can lead to eight points on a license, compared with 12 points for DUI. Under Code Section 27-101, conviction for driving while impaired can also lead to a $500 maximum fine and up to 60 days in jail. An attorney will work to help you try to avoid these consequences by arguing against conviction or trying to get charges dropped. Negotiating a plea agreement to face lesser penalties could also be an approach to your case, depending upon the nature of evidence against you.

Getting Legal Help From a Howard County Driving While Impaired Lawyer

A Howard County driving while impaired lawyer knows Maryland’s laws on alcohol and drug use for drivers, and will try to ensure clients use every legal tool possible to achieve the best outcome they can when facing charges. Contact an attorney when you are arrested or accused of DWI so you can start developing a legal strategy to fight for your future.