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Howard County Third Offense DUI Lawyer

Maryland, like most states, has adopted a near zero-tolerance policy for those convicted of three or more DUI offenses. Since the state of Maryland is invested in keeping the roads safe, repeat offenders who have broken the law multiple times are offered little leeway or court mercy. A Howard County third offense DUI lawyer understands that these charges are serious and wants to help you.
Contacting an experienced Howard County DUI attorney who has handled cases involving previous DUI convictions in Howard County can help curtail the impact of these gravely serious charges in addition to securing your constitutional rights.

Third DUI Penalties

One important question to ask is whether a person has already faced severe punishments for the first two DUI convictions. If so, they should know the details of the charge and potential penalties that they may face now. The maximum penalties associated with a third conviction in Howard County: loss of your license, up to $3,000 in fines, and up to three years in prison. If there is at least one minor in the vehicle at the time of the alleged DUI incident, according to Section 27-101 (g)(1)(iii), a person faces the possibility of:

  • Up to four years in jail
  • Up to $4,000 in fines

Mandatory Penalties for Multiple DUIs in Howard County

If a person has suffered three or more convictions for driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol within the past five years, then they will face a mandatory minimum jail term of ten days. They must also:

  • Receive a comprehensive alcohol abuse assessment
  • If recommended at the end of the assessment, you will have to participate in an alcohol program ordered by the court

Alcohol programs are almost always required of drivers who have accumulated three or more convictions for DUI. Call our law offices

Other Types of Penalties for Third-Time DUIs

Other penalties may be assessed in addition to the above penalties if, for example, a person is found to operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs and alcohol and the penalties will increase if a minor or minors were in the vehicle at the time of the alleged DUI offense.

Other Consequences

All of those increased penalties and potential sentencing enhancements can create further havoc by sending insurance premiums skyrocketing, assuming coverage is not automatically canceled. A third DUI conviction in Howard County can also threaten a person’s employment status and prospects, and will likely result in a great deal of personal stress for them and those who depend on them. These are only some of the reasons why retaining the services of a third offense DUI lawyer in Howard County is crucial to a person’s future.

BAC and Penalty Enhancements

The BAC itself is not an enhancement – it is only an enhancement if somebody refuses, but that being said, if a judge sees a very high BAC, they may think that a person is an alcoholic and they can impose more oppressive probation conditions and requirements. It is also important to note that there is a separate charge to have a DUI and be transporting a minor.

Where Charges Are Heard in Howard County

All the DUI charges ordinarily are commenced in the district courts. That is the lower-level court where all misdemeanors are held. No matter how many DUIs a person gets, it is still considered a misdemeanor as of right now and these misdemeanors typically are held at the district court, although there are ways that it could be transferred to the circuit court at a later date.
Jail is almost a certainty on a third offense DUI and potentially a considerable amount of jail. Factors that will help minimize consequences might include treatment or a low breath score, which a Howard County third offense DUI lawyer may advise depending on the situation.

Does the Time Between DUIs Matter?

There is what is called a decay factor. A person who gets a DUI within a couple years of a prior is going to serve some time in jail, maybe 20 or 30 days even give or take or maybe even longer. A person who has had a DUI 30 years prior is probably looking at a much more lenient result, perhaps a weekend or two in jail if there is any time at all for a second offense that is 30 years apart.

How a Howard County Third Offense DUI Lawyer Can Help

Facing third-time DUI charges can be one of the most serious and important time-periods in a person’s life. If you have been so charged, contact an aggressive and knowledgeable legal advocate who knows how to craft at defense based on the circumstances of your case. Call our Maryland law offices today to schedule a free, legal consultation and find out what the team of Howard County third offense DUI lawyers can do to help you.