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Maryland Bail Hearing and Review Lawyer

In all criminal cases, determining whether you are eligible for release on bail is a crucial first step in preparing your defense strategy. If a court does not allow for bail in your case you would remain incarcerated until your trial date, which could greatly decrease your ability to coordinate with legal counsel prior to your day in court.

There are numerous regulations and procedures to be aware of when it comes to understanding how bail works in the state of Maryland, all of which a qualified criminal attorney could help you handle effectively. With a Maryland bail hearing and review lawyer by your side, you could be in a much better position to enforce your legal rights and construct a strong defense.

Initial Procedures After Arrest

The first thing that happens immediately after being arrested for a criminal offense in Maryland is a brief review of your charges before a state commissioner. The commissioner has the authority to declare a person’s release immediately, however, most of the time they set an initial amount of money required for bail and mandate that the accused person return to a Maryland District Court the next day for a bail review hearing.

At this hearing, a judge can keep, change, or set certain conditions on the amount of bail set by the commissioner. Among other services, a Maryland bail hearing attorney may be able to negotiate on a defendant’s behalf for favorable treatment.

The judge likewise has several options for what they can decide for a defendant at the conclusion of this hearing, including:

  • Release on their own recognizance
  • Release with varying levels of pretrial supervision
  • No-contact orders
  • Mandated mental health and/or substance abuse treatment
  • Home detention
  • Continued detention without any option for bail

None of these orders from a judge overseeing a bail review hearing constitute a dismissal of the charges brought against the defendant in question. The arrested person would still be expected to appear in court on their scheduled date, or they would be subject to revocation of bail and additional penalties.

Requirements for Pre-Trial Release

Typically, the amount at which bail is set in Maryland—or whether bail is offered at all—depends on two factors: flight risk, and risk to society. Flight risk refers to the court’s confidence that the defendant in question could be trusted to return for their court date if released on bail, and a person’s risk to society pertains to whether releasing the defendant on bail would present a danger to other people in the community or themselves based on the offense they are accused of committing.

Other factors that a judge may take into account include the defendant’s prior record, their family and employment status, and recommendations from other state agencies and the State Attorney’s office. A bond hearing lawyer could help emphasize the importance of certain factors on behalf of a defendant in Maryland.

Furthermore, certain circumstances may allow for the reconsideration of bail terms. For example, the current COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in court closures and delays across the state of Maryland, which in turn has prompted many courts to reconsider bail for certain parties with cases pending. In addition to negotiating for favorable bail terms during an initial hearing, attorneys may also be able to help with bail reconsideration efforts.

A Maryland Bail Hearing and Review Attorney Could Help

Every stage of a criminal case is important, including the initial steps taken by the criminal justice system immediately after your arrest. Whether you have yet to have your bail hearing or would like to have your bail terms reconsidered, seasoned representation from an accomplished law firm may be able to help.

A Maryland bail hearing and review lawyer could stand by your side from start to finish of your bail review process, advocating tirelessly for your rights and best interests. Call today to learn more.