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Driving Without a License in Maryland

Sometimes there are situations where those without a license in Maryland feel as though they need to get behind the wheel. These decisions are often made out of necessity; maybe you need to pick up your child, get to work, or handle a family emergency. Whatever the reason, license suspensions and driving without a license in Maryland still carry serious penalties. A dedicated traffic attorney may be able to assist if you are charged with this crime.

Driving Without a License

License suspensions and driving without a license in Maryland are different scenarios. A person driving with no license means that they do not have one on their person. They are driving without a license in the vehicle. A suspended license means that the license is out of service and cannot be used for a period of time. Driving without a license in Maryland would include driving with no insurance.

When the driver does not have a license in their possession in Maryland, but they do have a license, an officer can look the driver up to see if a person has a license, but typically, it would be a situation where they would still has to show actual proof of their license once they have been instructed to appear. They have to show up to court with the license as actual proof.


Driving without a license is an offense that can land a person in jail. Licenses suspensions and driving without a license in Maryland would both be considered a “must appear ticket.”  For a first offense, the fine can be up to $500, including up to 60 days in jail. For a second offense, the penalty is a maximum of up to 12 months in jail along with a $500 fine. These penalties would go up each time.

If a person is convicted of driving without a license and they attempt to get a license in the future, 12 points will be on their record and will be assessed on the future license. It is important to note that a fine is always associated with a traffic infraction. It will be up to the judge to decide what that fine would be.

Contacting a Lawyer

If a person can prove that they have a license, then this particular charge will not be an issue. That, however, is very different from not having a license at all. Having no license at all is a serious issue, which would then cause the individual to pay the fine of $500 and possibly face jail time. If the specific individual is a repeat offender, then they will have to pay the fine of $500 and also face jail time. As a repeat offender, that person would be facing up to 12 months in jail.

If you were charged with driving without a license in Maryland, you need an experienced attorney to assist you in sorting through the details of your case, evaluating the best defense, and working for you in order for you to move on from these charges.